Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Isn't this the cutest beanie? And no my baby does not have pink eye. Sometimes when his eye has been leaking all day (remember he has a clogged tear duct) it gets a little sore.

We love Ross.


Ken and Kristina said...

Cutest little dino ever!!

Jennifer Starr said...

Oh he's a dinosaur, the "roar" title was confusing me:)

Ummm....seriously, could your little guy be any cuter?? Wow!! That photo of him in the ER was just too much, so teeny tiny in that big bed!!

Love your blog, and thank you for your comments on mine;)

xantogal said...

milikepe: how you shorten Mele Kelikimaka (however you spell it)when you're in a hurry to say Merry Christmas to someone.

Tiffany Duran Garcia said...

What a cute little guy! so sweet. I need to find that hat haha. we are huge dinosaur fans.