Saturday, January 8, 2011

Other Utah happenings

So I decided to change the look of my blog and am a bit sad that I can't quite figure out how to make it do what I want to to do. But if you came with the past couple of days and it was crazy, that's why. This will have to do for now until I can figure out how to make it cute like the rest of you out there. That new template designer is my enemy.

Anyway, here are the last of the Utah pictures/happenings that were taken on my crummy video camera. So please bear with the grainy images. Here is Boone on his 3 month old birthday. This is a picture of his halfway little grin. He does this big close mouthed grin that just melts my heart. Two little dimples come out on his chin when he does it. But I was only able to catch a halfway one.

I just adore this little coat of his. My sister in law who lives in France brought this over for him. I just think he is ADORABLE in it - his fancy coat. I do realize that this is probably the only time he will ever wear that coat. So that's why I had to take the picture. We don't need coats that heavy here. :)

While we were up there I got a little nervous because Boone hadn't pooped in 8 days!! He went from going once a day to not going at all!! (Sorry for those who don't care about such things) So on day 6 I called our doctor down here and they told me to give him some baby prune juice. We tried that with no luck. We waited two days and then on day 8 (Christmas Eve) our doctor said that there could be something really wrong and so we should take him to see a doctor up there. Well being we were out of town with no insurance the only place we could take him and still be covered was the ER.

So this picture below is of little sick Boonie in the emergency room. Haha... I just think it's the funniest picture because he looks totally and completely fine... which he was - that's just what he does now. We were laughing so hard because of how content he was sitting on that bed. Even the doctor thought it was pretty comical when he came in and saw this perfectly fine baby. He just looks so tiny amidst all those wires.

But as I said, all was well. They didn't even do anything at the hospital. They just gave him a suppository that WE had brought in. But better to be safe than sorry. We know we looked a little silly to be in the emergency room, but as I said, we didn't have insurance up there!

These pictures just crack me up!!!


Ashley_Cameron said...

I am glad everything was ok! Sorry you had to go to the ER for that. It funny, Taelyn went from going once a week to multiple times a day now. Funny how their systems work huh? He is one handsome little boy :)

Ken and Kristina said...

That picture of Mason reading the magazine while Mr. Boone is on the BIG bed totally made my day!! Hilarious!!

Stephanie Saunders said...

He looks like he's just chillin' in there. Like he does it all the time.

Erik did that- I think it was the same- something like 7 days or something. Even with a suppository nothing came out. Thankfully Kent knows what he's doing with kids. So I most of the time I just tell him to let me know if I should look for anything.

The Stanford Bunch said...

those pix crack me up to!!! sooo cute!