Friday, January 14, 2011

My Morning OJ

We are SO lucky because we have an orange tree in our backyard and it's orange season!! Every morning I walk into the backyard, pluck myself a few oranges, come inside, and juice myself a nice FRESH glass of OJ. Ahh... it's so refreshing and delicious! As Mason says, "It's like living in the garden of Eden." He feels like Adam each time he is able to walk outside and grab himself an orange.

I love the way the oranges look like little cups.

The orange tree.

I'd say this is as organic as they come!!

By the way, it is officially 'fall' here in Arizona. This is the other tree in our backyard. Don't you just love the fall colors?? My dad says that sometimes the old leaves don't even fall all the way off before the new buds start blooming in March! Oh yes, and notice the poor Hibiscus plant that froze during the two nights that got below zero a couple of weeks ago. I'm hoping that it isn't totally dead and comes back in the spring. It was so pretty.

Wah-la!! De-lish!

What?! No pictures of Boone you are thinking??? That's because he is actually taking, so far, a 2 hour nap!!!! I'm so proud of him. I have been trying to get him to take a longer than 45 minute nap for quite some time now. What a little doll.

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Stephanie Saunders said...

The first few months are the hardest because they're the WORST nappers! They're always tired because they don't get a nice long nap. But they won't take one because they don't stay awake long enough. It's like a catch-22. Ugh.

Orange trees are the greatest! You're so lucky!