Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Girly Scream

So we went to the 4 month check up yesterday (5 days late) and Boone's stats were:

14.6 pounds
25 inches long
He was in the 50th percentile for both.

I got a video of him doing his girly scream the other day. At the beginning I was trying to do a hidden camera because he usually gets so distracted by the camera. But of course he stopped as soon as I pulled it out. BUT... keep watching because when I go over to him the camera only causes the girly scream to come out more. Oh yes... it sounds like my little boy is screaming at a scary spider or something. It's pretty hilarious and often ear splitting at times. We can't watch tv at the same time he is playing with his toys. It's way too much competition.



Ashley_Cameron said...

That is hilarious! It never gets old for me. That's exactly how Taelyn sounds!

Zach & Lindsey Boskovich said...

That is AWESOME!!! I LOVE that he preformed so well for the camera too. He is so CUTE and fun!

Clayton and Niki said...

So cute! Van kind of got out of the screaming. Now all he does is say DA DA DA DA. Clayton is pretty excited about that. (I told him he doesn't know he's saying Dada. haha)

On a side note, that video totally made me miss you. I haven't heard your voice in a LONG time. When are we gonna hang out?? :)

Ken and Kristina said...

Very cute! I would call it more of a girly "shriek", I think. I love that little Boonie. He is way too cute!!

Tiffany Duran Garcia said...

How stinking cute!!! :) He's vocal. I love the lungs on that little guy. Vincent watched this video with me and he just all of a sudden got really silly and started screaming with him. It was so funny! He's darling, Allison.