Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dramatic Boonie

I have A LOT of blogging to catch up on. Plus I feel that I should just throw it out there... the reason that I decided to make our blog private was because I am now using this as a journal. My friend told me about a website where you can have your blogs printed. I had been putting my pictures in a Blurb book on my computer that was just beautiful. Then right before I was about to have it printed my computer crashed and I lost the whole thing. Lots and lots of work was lost and I do not have the desire to start again. So I'm using this. There may be things that I post that you find uninteresting and I apologize but it could just be for me. :) So there you have it.

But until I get to those other posts here is Boonie telling a VERY sad story. He's a good actor full of emotion. He tells sad stories when it's almost his bedtime. I also think it's funny because apparently he thinks it's funny when his daddy coughs at the end.


Everts said...

Aw.... what a little cutie. I love when they tell their little stories. :) They grow up so fast and then you don't even remember them being that little. That's why I'm obsessed with taking videos and pictures all the time of everything they do because it will never happen again! He's so cute and I love how you call him Boonie. :)

Zach & Lindsey Boskovich said...

That is what I am using my blog for too. It is a great way to keep a journal, i think. I LOVE that video, it is so FUNNY!!! Such a stud you have on your hands.

Ashley_Cameron said...

That is hilarious!!! I am so glad my baby is not the only one who does that! She is so dramatic when she is tired it's almost ridiculous haha