Monday, January 24, 2011

4 Months Old

My how time flies. I feel like I say this each month and will probably continue to say it each month, but I can't believe little Boonie is already 4 months old. What a world of delight he is. We go to the doctor on Wednesday so I'll post his stats then. Here are some fun things he is doing:

  • Talking all the time. He has just discovered this high pitch girly scream and does it quite often. He kept doing it yesterday during Sunday school... slightly disruptive, but it's hilarious when he does it.
  • He has figured out his hands. He is actually quite strong. Whenever we feed him a bottle it's a battle to see who can keep it in their hands.
  • He gets distracted while eating. Sometimes I have to put a blanket over his face while I am nursing him or else he will be too busy looking around and forget to drink.
  • He laughs now and it's the best sound in the world.
  • He likes to lay under his play gym and scream at the toys above him.
  • He started sleeping outside of his burrito for like a week, but now he wants to be back in it... so we're still working on figuring that one out.
  • He still only poops sometime between 6-10 days. Weiiiird.
  • He is tolerating tummy time more often and getting good at it.
  • He pushed himself over the other day. But just once. I think he is getting SO close to rolling over.
  • He smiles non-stop.

He also has many, many nicknames. Here are some:
  • Boonie Rue
  • Little Toot
  • Boonie Noonie
  • Boonie Baby
  • Bug
  • Little Boy Blue

He is just so much fun and makes everyone smile. I'm so thankful for such a happy and sweet baby. Some people have told me that he is a 'trick' baby - meaning that he's the type of baby that tricks you into having other babies because he's so easy, happy, and fun. Well he has totally tricked us if that's the case.

We've pretty much decided that he's my baby in looks. When we look at my baby pictures, he looks just like me. But he has Mason's personality because Mason's mom always says what a happy baby Mason was. Here is a tough guy picture of him:

Happy 4 Months Birthday Boone. We love you more than you'll ever know!!


Everts said...

He's so cute! Ethan was my trick baby for sure. He was always happy, perfect sleeper, perfect eater etc. Caleb was such a hard baby. It was a nightmare. Constant puking/spit up/projectile vomit, constant crying- seriously he never stopped crying no matter what. He wasn't easy.

Hopefully, if and when you have another, he or she will be a good little baby like Boonie. :) But really, these pictures are SO cute.

Stephanie Saunders said...

What a cutie! I love the picture of him in the leaves.

But yes- most babies cry. A LOT. But if you just expect your next one to be a nightmare, then if it's at least half-way decent, it won't be so bad, huh?

You can tell I'm a glass-half-empty kinda person ;)

xantogal said...

Whatever happens next, you'll be the best parent for them like you are for Boone :)

Briana & Ryan said...

He is such a little handsom man! Those pictures of him are gorgeous pictures! You guys sure do make beautiful babies! Maybe when you guys get pregnant with baby #2 I will be preggo with my baby #1! how fun would that be! Yay!!

Zach & Lindsey Boskovich said...

He is going to have all the ladies going crazy in school! he is such a STUD!!!