Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

This was Ryan's first Christmas being married and I think he wanted Stacey to see how the Leybas' celebrate Christmas. Christmas Eve we did the usual making of tamales in the morning. For some reason I LOVED them this year! I think my dad did something with the meat, but they were delicious!

This is probably the last time we will do the "REAL" Leybas Christmas. I think everyone is wanting to start their own traditions with their own families. I'm sure we will still keep some of the traditions as a big family, but the main reason we all got together this year was for Ryan. As it was Kyle and Stacey didn't come down until after Christmas morning. I think next year we will do our own Christmas. Boone will be old enough to understand a few more things and I think it will be fun.

Boone helped out by eating the olives.

Christmas Eve night we lit the firebags in the front yard.

Then drove around looking at Christmas lights:

Here's Boonie Christmas morning all snuggly and delicious in his pj's. I love his sleepy eyes in this picture.

We all headed upstairs for the traditional bed-pile on.

We went to church and then opened stockings. After that Kyle, Stacey, and Darci came for the main presents.

We got my mom a frame with pictures of her favorite childhood pictures of each of us. It was funny because before she even opened it she started crying... she didn't even know what it was!! Here she is looking at the pictures.

Here they are... we put in the old photo and then a remake. This was all Ryan's idea. He gets all the credit. They came out so cute!!

The traditional paper throwing pile.

Ryan and Stacey gave the babies pillow pets. Darci put hers right to use.

Then for some odd reason we decided to roast marshmellows that night in the backyard. While we were all standing around we started saying that people should jump in the pool. Well this evolved into The Hunger Games. For those of you who have read the books, you'll understand. If not, here is the game that we vowed will be played from now on. The three brothers (not Mason because they are all afraid of him) went into the pool fence. None of them could come out until one of them ended up in the pool. Hence, The Hunger Games. They formed alliances, broke alliances, and gave us a good show! It was HILARIOUS and we got it all on film.

Here is starts. Ryan chose a weapon - the pool skimmer!

Looks like Kyle ended up with it here...

Ryan ended up in this position below but surprisingly he got out of it!! We all thought he was a goner for sure!

Then they ended up by us all again. I love this picture below because Stacey is petting Ryan. In the video you just see her little hand reaching over and petting him. It seems like Ryan was always the one getting picked on.

Kyle's turn to be picked on:

Now Eric's:

AND.... Poor Ryan was the loser who ended up in the pool. I've never seen someone get out of the water so fast! It must have been cold!! I have to say though that Kyle and Eric never charged anyone and just stood waiting to be attacked. Ryan was the attacker which is why he probably ended up in the pool.

Until next year when the 2012 Hunger Games commences!!

My family does have strange traditions!! But we do have fun!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Boone Meets Santa - Christmas Eve

Come Christmas Eve and we still hadn't seen Santa yet!! So we went down to the Casa Grande Mall (where the ghetto Santa resides - never again) so that we could get the proverbial year old Santa picture. I knew Boonie would cry. He is a pretty friendly kid, but he has never been a fan of characters with costumes and makeup. But we still had to go... it's tradition.

Here he goes, trusting him mama:

I love his sweet little face in this picture below... you can see he's thinking... "Umm... I'm not so sure about this."

The Santa picture Christmas 2011:

After sitting with Santa he got a candy cane. He had been given a candy cane about a week earlier at Walmart and I let him eat it while we shopped. I learned my lesson... There was pink stickiness all over him, the cart, and not to mention the stains on his shirt. But he loved it and ate the whole thing! Well I realized a bit too late that Santa had given him one and Boone was already attacking his prize. I tried to take it away just to get the wrapping off and he threw the biggest temper-tantrum yet to date. He was screaming bloody murder and flailing like a fish out of water. I eventually got the wrapper off and handed it back to him, but he was so mad he just threw it down and it shattered on the ground which only made him more mad that I wouldn't let him pick up the pieces. He then proceeded to bump his head (during the thrashing episode) on the camera causing more tears. Wow... temper tantrums huh? This is a new stage we are entering. Here he is trying to eat the candy cane before the wrapper comes off. Boonie, you are lucky that Santa still brought you that wagon... I thought for sure that was grounds for the naughty list.

On the way home from the traumatic Santa experience we stopped at a nearby field that had a bunch of sheep in it. How cute is this picture?

Christmas post to follow!!

I feel as though I should mention our 2nd Annual Ugly Sweater Christmas party that we had on the 22nd. Would you believe I didn't get ANY pictures!? It was a hit. I think we had somewhere around 22 people. Nathan Dettmar won the ugliest sweater contest this year and the coveted white elephant gift were sunglasses with a moustache attached. It was a bit crazy before hand (which is probably why I didn't get any pictures) because Boonie had gotten his shots that afternoon. Well he got the tetnus shot and when he went down for his afternoon nap and woke up, he was in so much pain and crying (like a cry I've never seen before) for about an hour before it started and well into the party. Needless to say, I forgot to make one of my items for the potluck, finish putting up decorations that had been taken down due to little hands, and we barely finished Mason's sweater in time. But it ended up being a great night and Boonie felt much better after the help of some medicine.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Gingerbread Making Contest 2011

We got to participate in the gingerbread house building party that Kyle and Stacey threw again this year! We've been able to participate in a house-building contest ever since we met (that's what we did with Mason's family on our 2nd date) and we just keep getting better and better each year. How's that for boasting? Ha! We had a ton of fun creating our masterpiece. Mason and I make a great team. He constructed the pyramids and the sphinx and I decorated and made it cute! We titled our entry: "We Three Kings."

The official rules were:

  1. Teams will have two hours to complete their entries.
  2. All teams must have access to the same supplies... no hoarding!
  3. Entries must be completely edible.
  4. Entries will be judged by a third party based on the following criteria: Theme, execution, creative use of supplies.
Here is our masterpiece! My favorite thing about ours is the camels and the crushed graham cracker sand.

Kyle and Stacey's entry: "Christmas in London". How cool is the London Bridge?!

Friends in their ward's entry: "The Polar Express"

Another friend: "A Country Christmas"

I love this tradition! It's so much fun!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Card 2011 (Family Photos)

Mason's cousin Jessica took these photos we used for our Christmas card on Thanksgiving up in Woodland. Here are a few of my favorites:

My handsome boys: