Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

On the 17th we threw an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party and invited all the young couples in our ward. There was a great turn out and we all had SO much fun!! I love our new ward!

Here is the spread of all the food that was delicious! It was kinda funny because being everyone was wearing sweaters we all got hot and had the doors open the whole night. Only in AZ huh?

Here we are with our white elephant gifts and our ugly sweaters. Surprisingly Mason's wasn't the ugliest this year!! And doesn't he look thrilled with his window wiper?? Hey that's better than some of the other gifts that went around!

He is everyone except for 3 people. From the left to the right:
Brittany Nelson and Brooklee, Darec and Holly Russell (missing), Spencer and Melissa Pratt, Ryan and Bri Reid, Elliot and Molly Marks, Nate and Blanca Dettmar, Dave and Melissa Cresop, and us! Kyle and Stacey are also missing from the picture.

But here they are! (And no he did not wet his pants. I guess he spilled ranch on his pants... haha!)

After the white elephant exchange we played backwards charades. We played this at a party last year and had SO much fun! So we made up our own version and played. It's played just like charades except instead of only one person acting something out and a group guessing, a group acts it out and only one person guesses. It's HILARIOUS to watch!! It was girls against boys. Here we are doing synchronized swimming. I think the boys won but we came in a close 2nd!!

Whenever someone would say one part of the word we would all stop and point and she would be like... uh... what? It was pretty funny.

Here is the winner of the ugly sweater contest. Dave Cresop! And believe it or not, this rooster pitcher was the hot item of the white elephant exchange! PS: He wore those blue polyester pants to church the following Sunday. It was amazing.

Just lovely!

I'm so happy to be in a ward where people like to have fun!! And why is this blue?? I don't know. Good times!


Lissa said...

Hahahaha!!! We had sooo much fun! And now you know....Dave and I will ALWAYS bring our A-game! =)

Britta Mosman said...

That's awesome!! It always makes such a difference when you are in a good ward! Great party idea!

Lissa said...

Ps- Thanks for including Dave and I in the "young couples of the ward" category! lol I think we were the oldest/longest married couple there! haha

Ken and Kristina said...

HOW FUN!! Tell Mason that Ken was BEGGING for a window wiper thing. His is called "Window Magic". Too funny! Glad you had fun. Let me know if you want all of the pictures from our get together!

Stephanie Saunders said...

The ol' "spilled ranch on my pants" excuse, eh? Yeah. Right.

I'm pretty sure there's nothing better than an ugly sweater party.