Sunday, December 19, 2010

The True Meaning...

At our ward party on the 11th we got asked to play Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus in the live Nativity they put on. I felt as though it were an honor to be asked to be the sacred couple who raised my Savior.

'Baby Jesus' was so well behaved. As someone read the nativity story aloud the ward acted it out. Everyone sang songs together as it. It was a very nice program.

This Christmas season has been such a different year for me. Due to the fact that I now have a baby of my own, it has caused me to constantly reflect on how it must have been so long ago for Mary and the Christ child. When I was going through my hard labor I often gathered strength from Mary and thinking how it must have been for her in the circumstances she was in.

But the thing that touches my heart the most is the way Mary must have felt toward her sweet child. I love my baby so much and can't even begin to imagine how I would feel if I knew that he were going to be the Savior of the world - my Savior. What an incredible honor. But then I also think of that sweet innocent baby, flailing his arms about, cooing, wanting to be held just as any other baby. It's such a tender image and one that makes me want to go in the other room and rock my baby. Our Savior was once just like us. Tender and mild. Holy and pure. And that sweet mother Mary got to hold her Savior in her arms and rock him. She got to kiss the side of his head and smell that sweet baby smell.

My mom told me about this picture and I just love it. Boone does this all the time. I love it when he will just lay there looking over my shoulder so peaceful and secure. I just don't think that I have ever completely understood how precious this moment must have been so long ago until now. I'm so thankful for that beautiful, silent night. I'm so thankful that God gave his son to the world to save us from all our sins. How heart wrenching it must have been for him to watch as his son was mocked and hated by so many. May we all remember what the true meaning of this season is and be so ever thankful for the beautiful gift of eternal life that we have been provided with.

I am so thankful for the gift of motherhood. It's a joy I never could have even imagined and a whole new love that my life could not be complete without now.


Lissa said...

So sweet. I've also often thought how hard it must have been for Mary to give birth in a stable with only Joseph there to help. And let's be real - just how much help could he have been anyways? And after, it must have been incomprehensible joy to snuggle with the sweet baby Jesus. Even knowing He wasn't really hers to keep, for that moment, He was.

Britta Mosman said...

This made me cry! Tears of joy of course. I have thought the exact same thing. It is a wonderful thing and a great experience to have a very small glimpse into how Mary felt and what a strong wonderful woman she was and what a GREAT MAN that tiny sweet baby grew to be.

Everts said...

When you do have your own baby, you look at Christmas and at Mary in a whole new light. I love Mary and often gather strength from her story as well. There is a similar picture that I love of Mary and the baby Jesus. I want it in my house, all year round. If there were a handful of people I could meet from the past, Mary would for sure be one of them.

Stephanie Saunders said...

Funny how much having your own baby changes the way you look at things, huh?

(by the way, I usually check your blog relatively quickly after you post something new. But I totally forgot that yours is private now, and it doesn't refresh for a new post :)