Friday, December 24, 2010


I stole this post from Kristina. I didn't have my camera at the little party she threw, so she was going to email me the pictures. Well being she blogged about it already, I decided that I mine as well just steal that too. Thanks Kristina. As always we had so much fun because of your party throwing talent and darling house! Her post starts below:

This afternoon, I had the teachers that I taught with last year over for a little Christmas get together. We've all moved on in different ways and no longer teach together. Kim, Allison, and Lindsey have all had babies and are stay-at-home moms, I got married, and Peggy and Marianne moved to new schools. Allison was visiting from Arizona (where she moved to at the end of the last school year) so we used it as an excuse to meet up. Everyone brought food and treats. It was so good to see everyone!

The new, EXTRA LONG table!

Marianne, Lindsey and Allison.

Jacquie (who I am fortunate to still teach with) and Allison's baby, the handsome Mr. "B".

Our bedroom doubled as the baby nap room. Mr. "B" is on the floor and Miss "M" is on the bed.

Three babies require a lot of junk!

Allison, Peggy, Marianne and Kim.

All of us just hanging around, visiting, and cuddling with the babies.

Lindsey and Mr. "P", Allison and Mr. "B", and Kim with "Miss M".

The whole gang
Top: Peggy with Mr. "B", Jacquie with Miss "M", me, Lindsey with Mr. "P"
Bottom: Allison, Marianne, and Kim
It's me again: I LOVE these ladies and miss them SO much!!!!

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xantogal said...

I'm sending you some pictures right now... because you reminded me that I didn't do that yet. LOL.