Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nutcracker 20th Anniversary

My dad was the high school drama teacher for 30+ years. That being said, when I was 7 years old he started doing the Nutcracker Ballet and did it every single year until about 2 years ago when he left the high school. I was in the show every single year until I was a senior in high school. As you can imagine our Christmas season ALWAYS included many rehersals and costumes and makeup. I have been basically every single part in the show except for Clara and the Sugar Plum Fairy. I LOVED it and my first Christmas without it really felt like something was missing.

Well this year the college asked him if he would consider producing the show again in their theater. So of course when I found out about it AND being I live here in Arizona now, I had to get in on the excitement.

First I had told him that I wanted to play the Mother Gigone role that I had played my senior year and i was going to until I had Boone and realized that i had no time to go down there and practice. So I compromised that I would just take the pictures for the show and come and see it Friday night.

Well secretly the director got in touch with Kyle (my little brother) and I and asked us if we wanted to surprise my dad closing night by doing the jester number without him knowing. So we got together one Saturday and figured out what we were going to do. Friday night at the show we sat with my dad in the back with our babies. At intermission I claimed that I needed to go out to the car and get some more diapers, I don't know what Kyle's excuse was, but that's when we ran backstage and put on our costumes and makeup. I guess he never noticed we were gone.

My mom was sitting by my dad when the jester music started and my dad was confused. She said that he saw us come out on stage and just watched for a couple of seconds and then started saying over and over, "THAT'S OUR CHILDREN! THAT'S OUR CHILDREN!!" He later told me that he was so happy that we were in the 20th anniversary show. He had been feeling sad that we were not in it being it was such a big deal. It completely sold out Friday night (that's never happened in any Nutcracker history)!

We just did a silly little magic act with the drossomeyer. Funny story about Kyle's hat. You may be wondering why you can see green and orange underneath... well there was only 1 black and white jester hat so I took one of the orange and green ones that went with a different costume and glued one of Mason's mismatched black socks on it and a piece of pillowcase. I couldn't ruin it because it went with another costume. But from stage... no one could tell the difference (hopefully)!

Then my dad asked me if I would take the pictures for the show. Here are some of my favorites. There were actually 298 for parents to choose from. I think after I had finished all the orders I sold 411! It was fun to take these action shots!

Sugar Plum Fairy

The Waltz of the Flowers

Sugar Plum Fairy again

Clara and Nutcracker Prince

Arabian Dancer

Clara at the Christmas Party

Clara and Fritz and the Drossomeyer at the Christmas Party


The toy dolls at the Christmas Party

The Russian Dancers


Molly said...

I am learning so much about you that I never would have known! I love that you surprised your Dad & I love the story about the hat.

Lissa said...

That is so fun! What a great surprise for your Dad! Glad you were able to be a part of something so meaningful to your family. =)

xantogal said...

How cool! I'm glad you got to be a part of that!

Zach & Lindsey Boskovich said...

That looks so fun!!! Did you get your act on Video? I want to see it if you did. :) I love that you guys surprised your dad, I bet he LOVED it! :)

Jennifer Starr said...

what an awesome post!! Loved reading it, what a great surprise!!