Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Coach Lefler (Nov. catch up)

Mason coached the flag football team this year for his school. I'm going to brag a little bit here about my husband. He has been SO extremely busy ever since he started school. He has been getting his masters, coaching, and teaching all at the same time. I swear I don't see him until about 7 every night and then he has to do homework for ASU after that. It's been hard for him and for me... ANYWAY...

Being he is in his first year in this master's program at ASU they encourage all their students NOT to coach or participate in any other activity at the school their first year teaching because it's just too hard and there isn't enough time. Well at the beginning of the year when the faculty was all meeting and discussing sports no one wanted to do it. So the football team wasn't going to exist unless Mason coached it. He has such a heart of gold that he is sacrificing his sleep to coach this team instead of using that MUCH NEEDED time to do his homework. He kept telling me when I protested, "These kids need something in their lives. If they don't have football it's like encouraging them to go home and do drugs and get into trouble." And it's so true. This inner city school is SO EXTREMELY different from the happy little elementary that I taught at in Utah.

So he started coaching and I guess the team had never won a game in about 5 years or so. Well he took them all the way to the championship game!! I'm so proud of him and the boys. I'll tell you what when I would go to these games these sweet boys who thought they were so cool just LOVED Mason. I know that for some of them he is the only positive male role model they have in their lives.

One of my favorite things to watch was Mason walking up and down the sidelines. I didn't get a good picture of it but where ever he would go all the whole rest of the team would follow like a little pack of ducks behind him. And he was totally clueless when they would bump into him. It was pretty cute.

(Arizona has beautiful sunsets)
And although they didn't win, it was still a huge victory for that school. I went to one of their home games and I swear nobody went home after school. The whole student body was there. Now that the season is over they just had basketball tryouts (yes I will sacrifice my time with my husband for another 8 weeks or so - but as he says, the kids need it) and there were about 50 kids at the tryouts. He is only allowed to have 14 on his team. Of course that just breaks his heart to have to cut some of those kids. I guess the night that he was making the list the kids were waiting by his car after school. Even though it's been such a hard year, I'm so glad he is there for them.

My little sports fan.


Lisa Lu said...

OH I am so proud and this is great to see Mason making such a difference! Go Arizona Lefler Team! Thanks for letting me peak into your lives! Oh and what a cute little sports fan!

Alex and Brittany said...

This was such a cute post! I didn't know Mason was coaching on top of everything. You are such an amazing wife for supporting him in his choices- great job! We'll hang in there together!

xantogal said...

What a good man! And you are so good for being understanding of him! Love you both!!

Lissa said...

WOW! That's awesome! Sounds like Mason's work with the kids was definately worthwhile. Kind of reconfirms his choice to go ahead and coach even if it is hard. =)