Monday, October 25, 2010

Parties and Fairs

Saturday night was our ward Trunk or Treat party. We went as farmers (last minute costume - can you tell??). I'm so excited for next year when I get to take my little guy around to get candy and really dress him up.

A tuckered out farmer. Look at his CUTE little boots! They were a bit big, but fit the part well enough.

Friday night Mason and I went to the Arizona State Fair. I had never been. I've been to Utah's State Fair a couple of times, but this was my first AZ experience. It was MUCH bigger AND they had my delicious turkey legs that I love so much. It was fun.

We saw evil lamas that we were absolutely positive were going to bit our hands off. So we played the game, "Who can touch a lama?" It even has an evil red eye to prove it. Mason was braver than I was.

They have a free concert every night at the fair. We got to see Colbie Caillet. She sings the song, "Bubbly" along with others. I loved it! I guess Snoop Dogg played/sang/rapped (whatever he does) last weekend. Now THAT would have been entertaining to see him wiggling around like the snake/worm he looks like on stage. I'm sad we missed it. Ha!

It was an enjoyable date night. No, Boonie didn't come with us. He stayed home and bonded with Grandma again. But I did see a lot of little babies out and about at the fair. I wanted to tell all those mothers to take their babies home! Look at the MILLIONS of germs!! I have turned into a germ-a-phobic mother. Oh well... it will probably get better and better with each baby. H0pefully i haven't offended anyone who has taken their baby to a fair at one months age.


Everts said...

Haha, with Ethan we were all about the germs... now, we don't even think about it. But I do clean their hands with wipes constantly so I guess I'm still a little bit of a germ freak. You all look so cute and you look great!

Ken and Kristina said...

Cute pictures! I love your little family. That Boone is a cutie!

xantogal said...

How fun! You guys all look so cute and happy :)

ranto: how Scooby Doo would say my puppy's name