Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My new ward

So remember back in this post I was saying that I felt like the 'new guy' in my ward and was hoping for new friends being I didn't have any? Well, my prayers were answered because we ended up in a ward that has about 10 couples our age. When I went to church that first week I noticed that there were 4 other girls pregnant and due within a couple months of me. Well I immediately gained 10 new friends, all of who are SO kind and loving. I KNOW that they were an answer to a very needed prayer. Anyone who knows me knows that I need people in my life and suddenly I have so many and I am grateful.

Well my visiting teachers (who happen to be in this group mentioned above) threw me a Post Baby baby shower yesterday. That was so nice of them and so fun for all of us to get together and talk. This was also the first time all of us have had our babies together so OF COURSE we had to line them all up and take pictures.

We lined them up in order from oldest to youngest:

Taelin is 3 months, Ammon and Eddison (who were born on the same day) are two months, Madison is almost two months, and little Boone is one month. Isn't this just the cutest picture ever? I can't stop looking at it. I LOVE those chubby little boys in the middle!! So cute!!

Boone celebrated his party by taking a nap. But atleast he posed for the camera.


He got lots of loves.

This is Eddison and his mommy Melissa. I love this little boys cheeks so much. He is just the most deliciously squishy baby ever.

PS: Little Boone has OFFICIALLY started smiling. He gave me his first smile yesterday afternoon and it melted my heart. No really... it melted my heart because my heart jumped when he did it - it scared me! I'm weird I know, but I was just so excited to see that little gummy smile and he has been doing it all day.


xantogal said...

How fun!! I love that you have made new friends :) I can't wait to see you again... Miss you tonz!

Ken and Kristina said...

I'm so glad you like your ward!! That is ALWAYS an issue when people move. I've been in bad wards before but I love the one I'm in too and it makes life a lot nicer. Boone is the cutest!!

Everts said...

How fun! All my friends who are my age with kids my kids age have moved out so I'm really sad. My best friend is still in my ward but she doesn't have any kids and has been trying for years. I'm glad you found friends with little babies! That truly is a answered prayer. Now I'm having the same prayer you were having. :)

Nicole said...

THat is so nice! IT seriously make all the difference. You guys are so cute!