Saturday, August 14, 2010

Arizona Rain Storms

My 2nd favorite thing about Arizona is the monsoons. I LOVE them! A couple weeks ago we had a bunch of awesome rainstorms. One was so intense that it looked like a waterfall coming off the back porch. You can't really tell in these pictures. But whenever we have a good storm, I LOVE it. There is nothing like the warm rain of Arizona!

It was pretty funny because all of the birds that live in the tree above couldn't stay in the tree because the wind was blowing so hard. They all plastered themselves in the corners of the fence and looked up. I kinda scared them away with the first picture, but it was pretty cute.

But my all time most favorite thing about Arizona is it's sunsets. They are SPECTACULAR! Even when there isn't a rainstorm they are amazing. This was the sunset the night after this storm.

I wish that those houses were mountain sillouettes, but even so, isn't it amazing!! And I didn't do any photoshop editing on these pictures.


xantogal said...

How fantastic!!! You know how much I love rainstorms too... I can't wait for it to rain and rain when I come to visit you :) You are looking more and more adorable with every picture I see of you!! Love you! XOXO

Kacy & Adam said...

That sunset is amazing! It's gorgeous! And theres is nothing like a good you get thunder and lightening as well? Thats how Australia is too. Dry and hot and then all of a sudden it comes all at once! Sydney starts school in a week and a half. I'm gonna be sad not to see you there :( Boo hoo!!!!!

Kara Miller said...

That picture of you needs to be an ad for pregnancy something-or-other! It's gorgeous!! You are so beautiful. I love the rain too :)

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Deb said...

Gorgeous pics of you with the sunset.