Sunday, July 25, 2010

The past two weeks...

We just got back to Arizona from our beautiful, wonderful, amazing, gorgeous trip to Utah. I'll tell you what, Utah is probably the prettiest state in the Union. We had a wonderful time making memories with family, visiting old friends, and enjoying the 'cool' weather and green scenery. I just love it up there.

Here are a few pictures from while we were up there. This first picture is on the lookout stop just before lake powell on the Arizona side. It's so pretty up there overlooking the Indian reservation.

My two sister-in-laws, Ashlee and Danielle, threw me a baby shower while we were up there. These girls put so much work into it and it turned out beautifully! Look at these darling home made plaid streamers that they made. They gave them to me to bring home and I am contemplating decorating the baby's room with them.

Here is Dani and Mason. I love this picture!

And gorgeous Ashlee. I feel like this picture belongs in a Better Homes and Garden magazine.

The DELICIOUS food (and kitty).

We had it out on their back porch. Everyone was so kind to me! I felt SO loved!

I'm sad that I didn't get pictures with all my guests but here are a couple of the different groups of people that were there. Below is an old roomie picture. These girls were my roomies right before I got married. Kali, you were missed!!

Below are 3 of the teachers from my team last year. I love these ladies and miss them dearly - along with the other 3 that weren't able to come.

I didn't get a picture of all my family (Mason's family, but the same thing) that came. They are all just random snapshots. But it was so much fun and everyone was SO kind.

Overall the trip to Utah was wonderful and now we are back in Arizona. I'm not sure if I had mentioned anything or not but we were staying with my Grandma for the summer and now she has decided that she wants to go into an assisted living unit where she can be having someone take care of her instead of her taking care of people for the first time in a long time. She deserves it!!! So she is moving out this Thursday and all our millions of boxes that have been piled high in the garage are coming in on Thursday and then the fun begins! Setting up house and a baby's room! Finally! You should see this place though, it's kind of a mad house at the moment. Maybe I'll post pictures later. But at least we are moving forward! I want this sweet baby here, but we are NOT ready... give me a couple of weeks buddy and then you can come early. I won't mind at all!


Kristina said...

I feel sooooo bad I missed your shower. What a day to freak out with wedding crap and have a total breakdown. It looks like such fun, and I LOVE the plaid streamers. That would me adorable for a baby's room! Great idea! It was good to see you while you were here. I loved our shopping adventure with Kim too! :)

xantogal said...

It was so good to see you again! Tho I should have 'sat up' for that roomie picture, or at least sucked in... eek. Oh well :) It's a great picture and I want to see others that were taken!

Kayz said...

I definitely wish I coulda been there! But, it looks like you had a GREAT TIME!!! =) SO happy to hear. I loved those pendant things they created. You have some creative friends! =)