Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I need your advice!! I am trying to hunt down good deals for the baby things that I still need, but I am torn as to what to get. So I need the expertise of all you mothers out there to tell me what has worked for you and what was a complete waste of money. PLEASE give me your opinions on things. I'm going to do my research online, but I kinda want to go by word of mouth as well. So here is what I'm thinking about.

  • Baby carrier - like the kind you wear on your front or back... I'd like one that does both but haven't found a good one.
  • Crib - I know this is totally preference, but what have you liked/hated about yours?
  • Stroller - We are opting out of the giant travel systems... we are thinking more along the lines of an umbrella stroller
  • Swing - totally clueless here
  • Pump - these are SO expensive, but I'm guessing worth the price?
Those are the main things, but I would also love to hear if there was something you wish you would have known about before you had your baby, or something you think I will really need.


Dorothy & Tony said...

Ok AL...this could be along one! I love the baby carrier but didn't use it a whole lot! But yes they are very convenient!!! Cribs, they all work but here is my thought. Don't spend an arm and a leg my kids have literally scraped off the paint with their teeth. Its the weirdest thing. I thought my kids were weird but i guess this happens to many moms! Strollers, I have absolutely loved my travel system. It is so convenient to have aplace to put the diaper bag, your purse, and all the other goodies you will soon learn that you need when you leave the house. Not too mention if baby is fast asleep, trust me you are not going to want to take him out to put him in another stroller! While they are so little the comfort of not being transfered to and from car seat to stroller is nice for not just them but for you!!! Umbrella strollers are great too but i have found there great when baby is a little bit older and you don't have to bring as much! SWINGS....Are a must for me! They are the greatest things ever!!! My babies have loved the swing, I have loved the fisher price papasan, they are just so cozy! it really doesn't matter what kind of swing, just get one! I know pumps are expensive, but i promise you they are worth every penny! we got my medella pump in style before zion was born and i have used it with all 3 of my boys! medella also has an amazing customer service, if anything goes wrong you call and they have you new parts or a new system within days! they are really great at backing their product. I have only had to call once in 5 yrs and it was for a very minor detail! but if you buy one spend the money or you will end spending a fortune buying several.

Sry for the long comment! Hope you get a lot of advice from some other Mommies, it's always nice to hear about new things from other Mommies! Let me know if you need anything!

Clayton and Niki said...

K, I am by no means an expert on mommy things...but my sisters are. I have racked their brains for all the things they loved/wished they had when they had their babies. Here we go:

Baby Carrier: I got a "sling" type carrier for my shower. I still want the type that's more like a backpack that they sit in. Just makes me less nervous he will fall out the bottom. The Baby Bjorn ones are the best rated that I found, but also the most expensive.

Crib: This I do have some experience with. I got mine on I was totally skeptical about whether it would be cheapy, but it's solid as a rock, so cute, and a lot cheaper than others I found that were the style I was looking for. Just make sure you read the reviews when you find one you like.

Stroller: We did end up going with a travel system because I wanted one that his car seat would just snap into. I'm not sure, but I don't know if you want to use an umbrella stroller right away when they are infants because they can't hold their head up/sit up at first. Not sure on that one. We have the travel system now, and when he gets a little older I was going to buy an umbrella stroller.

Swing: I got mine from Target. I just picked a pattern/style I liked and then read reviews and made sure it was rated high. One thing I looked for was one that could swing both forwards and side to side (your little guy might like one way better than the other.) The one I originally registered for wasn't rated good. Everyone said the motor was loud and kept shorting out. I just say, trust the reviews of people that have bought the product.

Pump: Luckily, my sister has one and she's done breastfeeding for a while, so I'm borrowing hers. She has a Modella (very expensive), but probably the best one out there. I'd say if you can't afford a good one, it's better to rent one from the hospital than go cheapy. My other sister used one of the hand pump ones and said it was absolutely miserable. It takes forever and is not very efficient.

That's all I've got. Hope it's at least somewhat helpful. One last tip, read Babywise. My sisters swear by it, and they always have babies that eat good, sleep good, and are overall happy babies because they are on a schedule. I think it's important to trust your mommy instincts and not worry about any "book advice" too much, but it does have good tips in there. Ok, I'm really done. Sorry for the novel! :)
Love you!

The Stanford Bunch said...

I would get a vibrator chair over a swing, all of my kids loved the vibrator chair. I never used a baby carrier, but that might be because I never had a good one, so don't buy a cheap one. We bought the cheapest crib at Walmart and it has been fine for 3 kids. The travel systems are really good because you can take the carseat out of the car and stick it right in the stroller without waking baby. Umbrell strollers are good but not until they are a little older. Hope that helps. Good luck!! :)

The Stanford Bunch said...

oh and I never had a pump and did just fine with 3 kids :)

Jana said...

Carrier: I still need help on this one. Mine sucked.

Crib: Don't waste your money on one that converts to a toddler bed later, you'll end up having to buy a twin bed at some point anyway. Might as well get a cheaper crib & buy that twin bed a year earlier...

Stroller: umbrella strollers are great but useless on newborns. As long as you're ok with not having a stroller until he is 5 or 6 months old, umbrella strollers are awesome.

Swing: We got the smaller, portbale kind becuase it was cheaper but have actually LOVED how little space it takes up!

Pump: Rent one from the hospital. Cheap and they are the highest quality.

Kimberly said...

So I just emailed you, but here's another two things: first, a nursing cover. They really are better than a blanket. Ask Steph if you need help with them (she makes lovely ones..or did before she had Melanie. I'm not sure what her schedule is like these days). As far as books, I read Babywise and it was interesting, but my all-time favorite baby sleep book (and I've read them all I think) is Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. That is the one that has made the most difference long term.

The Pratt's said...

Carrier: I had a carrier, but didn't use it much. It seemed like in no time she was too heavy!

Crib: I agree. Don't spend too much. Hannah ate the wood and now it looks like crap! But we did a 4 in 1 and as soon as we can get a matress that fits it, we're gonna use it.

Stroller: Umbrella strollers suck! Esp if you're tall. It hurt Adam's back so much pushing her. If you're gonna splurge, do it on this. The Travel System is awesome. Wish we would have done it.

Swing: Hannah loved her swing. We got one for free, but glad we did. It would go front to back and side to side. She would take most of her naps in there!

Pump: I got my electric pump from WIC but didn't get to use it much b/c I wasn't making enough milk. But it was nice to pump when Adam would feed her so I wasn't in pain!

Emily said...

I agree with all the comments here. I just wanted to tell you that you want to make sure the stroller is easy to maneuver around things. I have 2 diffrent strollers (thank goodness I saved one) and one is really easy to push around one handed and the other is HORRIBLE. I find when I am shopping especially that it is a huge help to have a stroller that can be pushed around racks and people easily. You end up holding the baby and pushing the stroller one handed ALOT. Umbrella strollers are not as bulky, but they don't work as well either until they are older.

Holly said...

I have a swing, a pump and a sling... along with some other baby boy items. Let me know if you want any, they are waiting for a good home. Also I recommend the combi travel stroller and carseat combo. They were great!

Lindsey Boskovich said...

I LOVE MY PUMP!!! It helped me get my milk in a lot faster and Peter never went hungry because of it. I prefer it to nursing because I know how much he is eating and when I feed it to him from a bottle he sleeps a lot long and is so much happier. When I nurse him he never seems to get full and eats a lot more often because I don't think that he can get all of my milk out. So I totally 100% think that every Mom NEEDS a pump, but that is just my opinion. :) Oh and Pumping is actually a lot faster for me then nursing.

Quindi said...

I found this website that I think would be really useful:

Jessica said...

I just came across your blog by accident and saw this post. Congratulations, children are blessing! I got a sling from and loved it (plus they have great fabric). I had the sized pouch. I borrowed a cheap little swing but my son, Thor, didn't like it. The item I spent the most money on was the medella pump. I didn't use it a lot since I stayed at home with him, but when we traveled or went out for the day it came in handy. Plus I plan on having a couple more kids so it will be used again. My favorite items the first year: cloth diapers, bouncy seat, bumbo with tray, boppy, and a teething feeder. Hope you have a great delivery!

Brett, Jessica & Ashley Kelly said...

Hey, I will make this short since you already have a lot of comments. I would have to agree with a lot that people have said. A medela pump is a must. Electric double pump of course. Also buy a few extra bottles. An umbrella stroller is great around 4-6 months when your baby is strong enough to kind of sit up. You will need a normal stroller with a car seat combo before then. I would recommend an ergobaby carrier or bjorn. I have had good experience with both. A swing or a bouncer is really important. It's nice to have something to put your baby in that is comfy when you are doing chores, crafts etc. I am so excited for you. Good luck!

Jana and Brett said...

I love this post!
First thing! CRIBS! We had a hand me down for Jovie (it was so old, we had to wire it together...yeah, enough said!) I really wish I would have bought a new one, because then I would have had my own for all of my kids. Then Brock came real quick after, and I was still kicking myself...we have a NEWER hand me down for Brock. And I love it. It's only a couple years old.
PUMP! Get one! I had a hand pump that was given to me at the hospital for Jovie...hated it! Although more powerful, the double electric pumps are the way to go! Quick and easy! Had this one for Brock, and my milk supply went 4 months longer than it did with Jovie.
SWINGS: didn't really use one! I had a stationary chair that would play music and softly vibrate. I loved it, because it would fit on the table or in my bathroom, anywhere I was, the baby was right there.
STROLLERS: For Jovie we bought a new matching Graco Car Seat with Stroller. The thing was humongous but stinkin cute! Gotta love matching things.
DAIPER BAG: I had a daiper bag for Jovie which I ended up loathing after the first few months...I like to switch my bags with my outfits...So now I have a plethera of Huge cute Purses, which work out great!
Good luck shopping!!! :0)

Hilary said...

So many comments...lots of good advice. Best thing I can add.

1. Moby baby carrier These things are amazing. They run about $40-$60 I think and are an absolute must for the first 0-5 months of life. I bought mine online. You can wrap it several different ways and its comfortable.
2. Once they get bigger, I have an ergo baby carrier. This is closer to $100 but really great especially if you are shopping or hiking because you can wear it on your chest or back. I don't use it all the time but when I need it its great. I bought the infant insert but really didn't like it. The moby is better when they are small.

3. Strollers: I didn't want the travel system because I didn't like the idea of having to push an SUV around every time I wanted to go to the mall. I bought a chico trevi stroller ($100) which was smaller but the carseat snapped into it and it has been okay. After a few months the wheels got wonky and I haven't loved it. What I will do on my next kid is invest in a Maclaren stroller I recommend getting the easy traveller (if you plan on travelling a lot--seriously so sturdy and tiny(approx$100) and then just getting something like their Techno XT ($150-$200). My friend has this for her kid and its seriously amazing. You can push the thing with one finger.

Best of luck to you.

Sherine said...

only 70 days!!

Have you read a girlfriends guide to pregnancy? If not please send me your address:) I'm serious.

The older boys have been in town so I'm just barely getting caught up on blogging.. I'll pop over an email in a few days about my 2 bits on your must haves questions:)

So excited for you!

Just Another Girl said...

I 2nd the recommendation for Ergo Baby Carrier. Its the best!

Mom 2 Many said...

Browsing blogs and came across yours. As a mom to 6, I thought I'd jump in here:) I used both a Baby BJorn and a sling carrier. I'd get a crib that changes into the toddler bed/full bed later. An umbrella stroller is the one I wouldn't get for a newborn. I did the travel systems with most of my kids. It was easier to see the kids and make sure they were comfortable while walking. Never used a swing much. I held my babies for most of the time until they were about 5 months - mainly because my dh felt awkward holding someone so little and I had little mommy's around:) You can get good deals on stuff if you folow on of the blogs like Money Saving Moms, Bargain Briana, Frugal Girls, etc. They do weekly match ups for grocery and drug stores plus special deals online/ in store. Good luck!!

Rocky and Amanda said...

in reference to the pump...I would wait to see if you really NEED one. Maybe the little man won't take from a bottle and then therefore the pump would be pointless. Or maybe he won't nurse because he has some tongue issue or maybe a neck issue (like Kade) Anyway, in the beginning you can rent pumps from the hospital to see if you would like one. But if you do get one, definatly get one that is going to last. Pumps are one thing that you get what you pay for. If it is a cheap one, it will be cheap quality too. I have a Medela Pump in Style and I love it! Oh, and I personally prefer the double pump over the single pump. Oh, and Lansinoh breast pads are the only way to go! They are the best!!! Amazing! Totally Amazing! (Did I make my point they are Amazing?) Good luck.