Wednesday, July 28, 2010

32 weeks and counting!

Time has flown by!! I can't believe that I am already 32 weeks pregnant!! The end is getting SO near!! This is a picture from my shower where I was technically 31 weeks, but close enough.

My baby is now the size of a jicama. I'm not sure what that is, but maybe I will buy one and figure out how to cook it to celebrate.

How far along? 32 weeks (7 months and 1 week) but I am confused because some people say this is 8 months. I guess it's how you count the months.
Total weight gain: 29 pounds *a-hem*
Stretch marks on the belly? None yet - knock on wood!!!
Sleep: Has been a disaster lately. I wake up every morning at 4 am and finally fall back asleep at 6 am. I have not figured out how to master the comfort of the pillows like everyone talks about.
Best moment this month: Feeling overwhelmed with love. The baby shower in Utah was wonderful. Being we are moving into our house this week Mason has been carrying all the boxes and making sure the AC is on in the car when I am in it... he has been SO sweet and sensitive especially during a time when he is stressed out with his new classroom.
Movement: He is still a wild little man. Now he moves his feet/whatever across my stomach and it feels so strange. His kicks are getting ferocious. Also, I love watching my stomach sometimes when he is really active. It swear it looks like and ocean of waves!!
Food cravings: Olive garden soup
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks contractions and I are best friends.
Belly Button in or out? Out - it looks like a star nosed mole
What I miss: Being able to get up and down easily! I also miss not having a chubby face in photos, but I will take it.
What I am looking forward to: Setting up the baby's room.
Making it this far... no I love how responsive I feel like he is to Mason and I. Mason loves to sing and poke our little guy. One night Mason was talking to him and he said, "If you understand kick twice." Sure enough 2 seconds later he kick two and a half times. He may need a little assistance with his counting, but we thought it was hilarious that he kicked!


xantogal said...

He's going to be a very smart little boy!! I can't wait to meet him :)

Jana and Brett said...

a jicama is always in my mother in laws veggie trays. :0) It is cut into long spears (after you peel it) and real yummy in veggie dip! It has the consistency of an apple, but a little drier. :0)
Congrats on being 32 weeks! Not long now!

Kimberly said...

Jicama is crunchy (like Jana said) and has a very mild flavor. I've only ever had it raw in salads and it's tasty.

P.S. I need your address so I can bring by the swing if you still want it. We're going to be moving, but you can just take it to my parents' when you're done. We won't need it for a while!

Britta Mosman said...

So exciting!!! It is such a fun stage in the pregnancy! He will be here before you know it :) We need to get together sometime soon. I am so excited for you!

Ken and Kristina said...

Okay... you are seriously the cutest pregnant woman that exists!! I love the baby fact... some of them are pretty funny. Ken said that a two and a half kick means to quit poking him and leave him alone!! :)

Kara Miller said...

1. Jicama is that white stuff that's so yummy in salads.
2. Your face is NOT chubby!
3. I love you & your adorable baby belly.

Sherine said...

Oh boy... Just so you know I love the hospital part. Especially at night.. it's just you and your hubby and the new baby.. it's wonderful. Ok... a few other must haves.. one of those car mirror things so you can see your baby from the rear view mirror. They are so quiet when they are newborns (hopefully) that sometimes I had to pull over to make sure they were still breathing. You will need more receiving blankets than you think.. (anais anais are my favs) We use the bjorn... especilly because it has extra long straps for Todd to be able to wear. Not all carriers are made for the big fellas:) He carries the babes most of the time if we are out together. I agree that a travel system seems like too much.. but for the first six months you will not want to wake that sleeping baby up to move to a stroller. Plus you will use it again right? Hmmm what else... cribs? We always bought ones that converted to a full size bed later.. and they are still using them. I agree with your last commenter about the pump.. expensive.. and you may not need it... but if you do it is so worth the money. I've used my medela pump in style for all 5. Still works great. After you deliver make sure you have a big water jug close by.. (hospital usually gives you one) you will be amazed how thirsty you get when you are nursing. Also you may want to get your favorite binky and take it to the hospital.. they provide some if you want but it may not be the kind you want to use later. Don't forget to buy some nursing bras.. + I love to use the bella bands after I deliver to hold all the flab in for a few months. Seriously I could go on forever... but part of the fun if figuring things out right? Only 20% of women actually deliver on their due date. (so I hear) so goood luck! Soo excited for you.

Sherine said...
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Sherine said...
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Sherine said...
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Sherine said...

Don't ask me why it just posted my comment 4 times. Sorry!

Steph said...

Hi there! I stumbled across your blog on accident when I was bored and noticed that you are about as far a long as I am! Congratulations! When are you due? We are due with our second child on Sept 19th, I am SOOO ready to be done being pregnant and just hold my baby in my arms!