Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When one door closes another opens...

The door closing is my teaching career. Oh how I have loved it. What a blessing it was to be able to work with those sweet little 6/7 year olds for 4 years. This blog is a tribute to the past 4 years:

I have met so many wonderful people and children over the past 4 years. I have made some of my closest friendships with my fellow teachers at Ridgeline. I'm so sad that I can't find my external hard-drive that has pictures of my team on it... it's packed away somewhere in the millions of boxes. But I love each and every one of them and will miss them dearly. Dearly, dearly, dearly.

As I was packing up my room this past week I had a bunch of different emotions come over me. One of which I was laughing about as what seemed like box #45 was going out the door was my memory of first moving into that room 4 years ago. Being our school was a brand new school it was barely finished in time for school to start. It opened for teachers to begin setting up 3 days before school started. I remember all the other teachers frantic about how they were going to have enough time to set up. They had trailers and truckloads of things that they were hauling in the building. I walked into my room that had a forklift left in it with my single, 1 box in my arms, set up my room in an hour, and then burst into tears. (See the picture below - you can clearly see I am trying not to cry) My mom just laughed and comforted me as she told me that everything would work out and be alright... it was. Here I was on the last day of school, lighter, shorter hair, plus a few pounds... feeling what could be perceived as the same emotions, but far from. The tears that I shed this day were not tears of uncertainty, but tears of memories and joys that I had in that one single room.

My entire life as a girl I dreamed of being a teacher. I use to play school in my house with my brothers and stuffed animals. I got to live my dream and I plan on living it again when my youngest gets into school. There will be so many things that I miss about my little first graders:

-my little trail of ducks in a row behind me in the hall
-Halloween parades
-them accidently calling me mom
-them writing me notes telling me that they wished I was their mom
-all their hilarious notes
-their forgiving personalities
-the simple excitement over any and everything
-loose teeth (I know i complained about it, but secretly i love it)
-reading chapter books to them
-watching their progress as they learn how to read
-drying tears with bandaids
-pizza day excitement
-all holidays
-the friendships I've made with parents (each year I made 30 new friends!)
-hugs and high-5's as they walked out the door
-butterflies in the spring
-listening to their conversations/logic of things
-the list could go on and on...

But I will tell you what, Friday morning when I walked into school for the last time and did everything for the last time it was impossible to hold back tears. It all happened as I walked over to my light switch and flipped it on for the last time while over looking that room that I loved so much. Then as the kids were dancing around to a song that we all loved to sing together, I had so much love and thanks for what I had been able to do the past 4 years. Like I said, it was such a blessing to have been there in Highland. I have so many memories and friends that I will forever cherish. It was scary and hard to walk away, especially in an economy where jobs are short and teachers and not in high demand at all and I was secure.

But where one door closes another opens and I am knocking on the mommy door right now. I am just peeking inside and won't fully walk into it until September. As I am in between portals right now it's a little hard not to get down on myself. I am just so thankful for the opportunities I've had in my life and for that past door I just closed that said Mrs. Lefler's First Grade Monkeys.


Britta Mosman said...

That is always bitter sweet! But mommyhood is wonderful and you will love it :) It is truely a great door to open! Hope your move went well! Let me know if you need anything. We live here in the valley...

Hilary said...

Its always bittersweet moving on in life isn't it?! I am sure those little kids will never forget you. I still remember all my elementary school teachers vividly. You will be a great mom. Rest assured, it is the COOLEST thing ever(especially after working for a while). You'll be great. :)

xantogal said...

So, as I clicked the link to see your blog post, the song that happened to start playing (from my iTunes) almost made me burst into tears.
It is one of my most favorite songs: Top of the World by the Carpenters.
This song will forever remind me of you (along with all the other songs that make me think of you) - haha ;) I miss you! Can't wait to see you again - Loves and Hugs!!

Kristina said...

Awww... I'm going to miss seeing that monkey door!! I'm going to miss seeing you!! I'm thrilled for you and your new life and sooooo excited to meet the new little Mr. Lefler. Your new door that has opened opens into a mansion compared to your apartment of teaching. I love ya!!

Denise Ashworth said...

You were such an amazing teacher. We feel honored that Steven had you your first year and the triplets bookended by having you your last year :) Cole got home from school the last day and started crying..."I miss Mrs. Lefler..." We all LOVED you and will miss you!!! Good luck in AZ!!!

Kayz said...

Okay, my favorite is that they write you notes about wanting YOU to be THEIR Mommy! I love it!!! Your lil guy is gonna be the luckiest! Maybe he wrote his own letter a while back. =)