Monday, May 17, 2010

all I wanna do... blog.

I know... you're thinking, then do it. But I don't have ANY time. Funny I seem to have found some right now... but I mean real blogging. I mean come on! I haven't even posted about our Tennessee trip yet! What?!

Holy cow I have so many things to do in the next 11 days.

-my class memory books
-find a resaonably priced moving truck (holy freak these are EXPENSIVE!)
-enter grades online
-pack my classroom
-go through the things I need to go through before I pack my classroom
-clean my classroom
-pack my house
-clean my house
-blah blah blah

I know, I know... I have 11 days.
But then I will have nothing after that... so Allison, enjoy these next 11 days because then you are going to start complaining about being bored.

I just can't be pleased I suppose.


Everts said...

Haha, you're so funny. Yes, I agree you do need to blog more. ;) But we can all wait till you life calms down a bit. I would totally help you pack and stuff if I could! But I guess I'll just send good wishes your way and give you a virtual hug *hug*

xantogal said...

You know my number, and you know I'll help you if you call... so get on it will you? ;)
I waited to see you at the carnival tonight...

Kara Miller said...

eewwwww moving trucks. bleh.

Kristina said...

I HATE MOVING CLASSROOMS! I HATE MOVING HOUSES! I am so sorry for your next 11 days of awfulness, but I am super excited for what it represents. Baby and new adventures!! Woo hoo!!

Michael and Lindsay Condie said...

I totally know what you mean about the moving trucks! We only took a couple small pieces of furniture and got a measly little trailer and it still cost us $450!!!! GOOD LUCK with that! Post when you have some time, I'm so excited that you guys get to move to AZ.