Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Short notice vacation!

We are going 'somewhere' tomorrow and I am so excited!!

Here is the predicted forecast:

Thursday: 71, Friday 76, Saturday 78, Sunday 79

Here is a picture for a clue. I will be impressed if you can get it off this:
Anyone wanna take a guess at where I'm going? Oh and just in case you were wondering... here is the forecast for Highland, UT.

Thursday: 59, Friday 56, Saturday 64, Sunday 63.

Ok, so those temperatures don't sound too bad actually... but it has snowed for the past 3 days, so I'm not too trusting. Prove it mother nature. Show me that it's 63 when I get back!


Kristina said...

Oh... I know, I know!! What's the prize for guessing correctly? (only because you told me where you're going...) Hope you have a GREAT time in the warm weather.

Josh said...

(Jeopardy fashion)
*Beep* - "Where is Austin, Texas?"

You'll love it there! There's way too much to do so be ready to cut back on sleep, way too many good places to eat (don't let yourself go to a traditional restaurant chain you're used to) and CRAZY roads! GPS is a must! You won't get home on the same roads you used to get to a place! And B-E-A-Utiful weather! Have fun!

xantogal said...

Have so much fun!

Hilary said...

Austin baby! Such a cool place! Have fun. (btw i visited Austin TX for the first time last June when I was 17 weeks prego...aren't you about there?)

Jana and Brett said...

I really didn't know what that was a pic of...but wow! Texas! Brett would be so jealous. :0) He served his mission in Houston. Loves it! Have SO much fun. :0)

Clayton and Niki said...

Texas is the best place to go on vacation! The two times in our whole marriage that Clayton and I were able to get out and actually go somewhere, we went to Texas. I hope you guys have the best time! Enjoy the last moments with just the two of you, I know Clayton and I are trying to do the same. :)

Nicole said...

Fun! I am jealous. Your little belly looks so cute, we need to see you! Call us when you get back.

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