Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Deep in the heart of Texas...

We spent Thursday in Houston staying with some of Mason's family and then it was off to Austin for the sights and an interview for Mason. (that was the whole motivation of the trip) The drive from Houston to Austin was BEAUTIFUL!! There were wild flowers scattered all over the highway. Plus the weather was beautifully warm the whole time we were there. I even got a slight sunburn on my legs. Yay!

We took a little side road to look at the flowers. I don't think I would mind living here at all! Although they do say that the humidity in the summer gets a little rough.

Above is a picture of a bunch of bluebells - the state flower.

Once we got to Austin we went downtown which was suppose to be a hoppin' place with lots of live bands. All we saw were a bunch of drunk college students. Maybe we came at the wrong time. Here is Mason at one of the 'clubs' (more like a bar). Yes that is a jack-a-lope behind him. That was the name of the place. They had a giant jack-a-lope at the enterance but Mason wouldn't sit on it for the picture. Neither would I. :)

Then we walked around toward the river.

At sunset there is a colony of bats that live under the bridge. So we hunted out the perfect place to watch the sunset and the bats come out.

Timer pose!

It was a pretty place. There were ducks swimming all around and little turtles kept poking their heads out of the water at us. Every time I tried to get a picture of one the red-eye detector on my camera would scare them away.

You can kinda see the bats in this picture. They look like a flock of birds. They are just little guys! But it was cool to see them all coming out!

I'd say one of the biggest memories of the trip was staying with Mason's uncle and family. They have 8 kids with 6 of them still at home. This is Elise, the youngest, who was my best buddy the whole time. She was as cute, or cuter, than a button. The perfect little Texan cowgirl! It was so fun to get to know them better!


Kara Miller said...

My dad lives down in Houston now, you should've hit him up! ;) I love you trying to feed the squirrel, that's so you :) You look adorable lovey!

xantogal said...

Your pictures are fantastic! Seeing the picture of the bats makes me happy :) Glad you had a good time!

Clint said...

They're Blue Bonnets! Blue Bell is the delicious ice cream in TX :-) So glad to see you guys enjoyed my home state :-) I've always told Jana I love Austin. And you're right, it's a great time to visit TX now (April and Oct are my favorite months there) but that humidity will kill you in the summer :-)Especially in Houston.

Kayz said...

GORGEOUS pix! I especially love the one with you by the fence and the flowers. BEA-U-TIFUL! Hopefully soon we hear what Mason has been up to. =)

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