Sunday, February 28, 2010

Guess what tomorrow is!?

March 1st!!

I seriously am SO excited! That means the first day of spring is in 21 days!! Oh how I do love the warm weather. Please come quickly.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

President's Day Weekend

We drove home to Arizona last weekend. We left right after school got out and drove halfway. We spent the night in Kanab. For dinner we went to Fernando's Hideaway and here is Mason sitting with Fernando. I thought for sure Fernando was going to come to life and kill us both. Creepy little puppet thingy.

We made it home the next day and the weather was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. It was about 75 - 80 the whole weekend. We left snow and highs of about 40. I had a hard time coming back.

Right when we got there they boys started on a project in the front flower box.

They sure were working hard. And this is what I did the whole time...

... I played with Kyle and Stacey's new puppy Beanie. She's a Siberian Husky and basically the sweetest puppy ever. I love her to death.

She kept climbing in the fountain. And now for the final project...

Ta-dah! We didn't have time to plant the flowers but it looks great!

As we were driving home we kept seeing all these balloon stands on the side of the road. When I was in high school you knew who was loved by who carried around the most balloons, teddy bears, and flowers. Mason thought this was hilarious being most of the teddy bears and balloons were so obnoxious. So Valentine's morning guess what my Valentine does to show me he loves me??

That's right. I think I had the biggest balloon in town. I sure am loved! :)

Then that night Lindsey and her husband invited us down for dinner and games in Tucson. I can't think of anyone else I'd like to have spent Valentine's with.

On Monday we went to the Reniassance Festival. So fun as always. Last year I volunteered Mason for every show so this year I promised that I would just let him enjoy the shows. So when the girl from this show asked for the strongest man in the audience I didn't even raise my hand. Haha... she pulled him up anyway.

I'm so proud.

These guys were SO talented! They were amazing!!

We had such a good day. They weather was sunny and warm. I got a slight tan on my pale, pale Utah skin. We saw fun shows and costumes.

Oh yeah... So I said I wouldn't volunteer Mason for any shows... but that didn't make my brother safe. He got called up/volunteered for on the Wild Mudman show. My camera was running out of batteries at this time so I only got an aftershot. What a good sport.

We love it!

I didn't want to come home. It was a combination of the warm weather and my family. I keep trying to convince my mom to come up here...!! She would love it....

What a good weekend. Should I even mention that it's snowing today and suppose to snow all weekend? Oh well... Spring will be here soon. (I hope.)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Homeward bound... T-minus 2 days!

Yes I'm excited! I know we were just there for Christmas but I think it's time to return to that great sunshine state (no not Florida... ARIZONA!). My mom says the high was 74 yesterday.

We will be driving down Friday after school. So we'll go halfway and then find some cheapo place to stay. Sounds like an adventure to me! Let's just pray for good weather so we can take the 9 1/2 hour route through the mountains not the 12 hour route through Vegas (although that could be fun too!!).

I'm so excited. I wanna be warm. I want good Mexican food. I want my mom!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Birthday 2010

My birthday was last Sunday. We celebrated it before then though. Friday at school my student teacher surprised me with this poster from her and the kids. So cute. The kids brought it in in a parade like manner. They were so excited.

Then a couple of the kids made me cards and things. Here are just a couple of my favorite.

This is a pencil holder full of personality. Love it.

This next one makes me laugh so hard. We had been doing autobiographies in class the past week or so. I wrote my own as an example. In my example I included that my favorite food was macaroni and cheese and that I liked flowers. Well in one of the cards from a little guy he drew me my very own 'girl dinosaur' who seems VERY compatible with me.

"This is a girl dinosaur. She likes flowers and her favorite food is macaroni."
Ha ha ha!!! I love this 'girl dinosaur' so much!

And then this one was sweet.

So I got to celebrate my birthday at school which was fun. Then Saturday Mason and his parents took me to Carrabba's for dinner. Then we went to a play down at BYU Saturday night. It was a good birthday.

Another year older and wiser too.