Friday, January 15, 2010

MLK Lesson in Review

Today we talked about Martin Luther King in class. I always love this lesson because the kids take it so seriously and really understand why it's important to treat each other kindly. But every single time I teach this lesson I KNOW that something funny will come out.

Here is a quote and a conversation that happened today:

"Why did those men kill Martin Lefler King?"
(I wonder if we're related!?)

Then I was reading with a small group of kids. I was introducing a book about animals that live in the city. I asked the question:

Why couldn't animals that live in the country be able to live in the city?

Because the cows that live in the country have white fur and the cows that live in the city have dark fur and they would be mean to each other.
(Glad to see my lesson clicked for this one.)


Jana and Brett said...

aw brett and I had a good chuckle with this one. I love how their little minds work! :0)

KM said...

=) haha! I love it! Those quotes are too prec! Makes the job worth it, huh? =) My kids take it SO seriously that sometimes I think I may go a little TOO deep for 4th graders. =)

xantogal said...

How funny!
tionab: how you might say 'abtion' if you were speaking 'ab'latin

Kristina said...

The website is for the YW stuff. It looks like a really cute website!

longge said...

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