Sunday, December 6, 2009


I just love the holiday season because of all the activities that go on. The many parties and concerts - I just love them all. Friday night began our holiday season with an ugly sweater Christmas party. We had a blast!! Mason couldn't find an ugly sweater so he made one up. It was so good that he won 1st place in the contest! You can't really see how 'ugly' it is here but it was great. He bought garland and then we hot glued it around the seams. Then he decorated it with candy canes for people to take off and eat throughout the night. He also has giant bows on his shoulder and had ornaments dangling. He was hilarious!

We had a white elephant exchange. I won these beautiful reindeer antlers. Mason got a BYU beenie. Then we played games. I took some pictures of the charades game but my flash wasn't on so none came out. Dang it! But it was so fun! It was actually charades backwards. You get into big groups and instead of 1 person acting it out and the team guessing, the whole team acted it out and 1 person guessed. Our team won!

Last night we went to the combined choirs concert at BYU. It was wonderful! This week we have 3 parties and one concert. Busy busy - but oh so much fun!


xantogal said...

Do you have any other pictures of his sweater? haha

The Condies said...

that's right we won ;)!!!!!!!!!!