Friday, December 25, 2009

Lefler Christmas

I decided I couldn't blog about Christmas in Arizona until I finished blogging about last weekend's activites with the Leflers. It was a fun time. We had a delicious dinner. After dinner we did the nativity reading. Here is sweet little Sydney holding Ashlee's new baby... I love this picture.

Here is Mason and I. I'm the sheep. He is the shepherd.

Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus.

Then it was on to the gag gifts. I didn't really get any good pictures this year. These were the best I got. Laura got some extra high pants because she like to hike them up to be comfortable. Hilarious!

I had Bobby, Mason's brother in law and I made him a bubble due to the fact that he is quite germ-a-phobic. He doesn't have insurance and has a new baby so sometimes he goes over the top in taking precautions. But hey... it's worked so far!!

And then that's it so far. I will have to check around and see if anyone else got any pictures. It was a good night.

But I am loving being here in Arizona. Maybe I will post about it tomorrow. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.


KM said...

GOSH! Your family is SO stinkin hilarious! I love it! =)

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