Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gingerbread House Extravaganza!!!

On Mason and I's 2nd date we went to his parents house for the annual Gingerbread making contest. We made an amazing 'Gingerbread House boat' that won first prize. Well the annual contest got postponed two years, but it was back again last night!! I started planning ahead on what our design would be and came up with an awesome idea that you will have to see at the end!! So now for the build up! PS: There is a 1 hour time limit.

Mason beginning the sketch for our masterpiece. Each team consisted of Mason's brothers and sisters with their spouses and then we all drew 2 names and had those kids on our teams. We had Zach and Avery.

Bryan, Tandi and Monet - not showing anyone the front until the end.

Ashlee, Bobbie and Sydney concentrating hard at the end of the table.

Mason and Zach making goofy faces while Avery and I smile away. Can you tell what ours is yet??

Tom and Adrian (below) were the other couple together last night along with little wolfy...

And below is little Lilah just loving all the excitement!!

And here are the finished results!!! Drum roll please......

Bryan and Tandi's 'Monster' Gingerbread house. I got this picture after the roof had fallen in. Dang it.

Ashlee and Bobby's Santa sleigh. I love the little Santa and reindeer. Aren't they cute?

Tom and Adrian's 'technical' Gingerbread house. Look at that precision!!

And... our Gingerbread baseball stadium!!

And in case you wanted a view from the other side, which I'm sure you did - here it is!! I'm so proud at how it came out!

We got a picture like this on our 2nd date. So we had to recreate the scene. I tried to find the picture to compare... but it's packed away in a box somewhere.

And then it was on to The Beetles Rock Band. An early Christmas present. I love the concentration on everyones faces.

Such a fun night!! Sunday is gag gift night!! Check back for pictures. I have a great idea this year... *wink wink*


xantogal said...

can't wait to see them... :)

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