Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fa la la la la

It's been Christmas at our house for the past week. I love Christmas decorations. I love putting them up and I love remembering what I have each year and then getting excited about them all over again. My only wish is that I had more to put up. But slowly and bit by bit I am getting more and more.

Here is our tree. We decorated the whole thing only to remember the ribbon that goes around it. We decided to just leave the ribbon off for this year. Maybe next year. I love our tree!!

Here is our front door. Remember that we live in a basement apartment so that's about all we get to decorate. I'm also urked that the JOY is not in the center of the door for this picture. Oops!! Also... I just realized my keys were still in the door. I do that quite often. Oops again!

This is my 'oh so favorite' nativity set that I got in Uganda last summer. This isn't a very good picture of it... But I think it's beautiful. I'm only missing an angel. If any of you ever go to Africa, please pick me up and angel. Thanks.

This is right against the wall when you walk in.

Our stockings hung by the chimney with care...

Did I mention that I just love Christmas?? We have a little snowman collection too. We decided that each year we would buy a snowman to add to the collection. So far we have gotten one each year since we have been married. That way when we have been married for 25 years we will have 25 snowmen! I didn't get a picture of them though... Although there are only 3 - our 3rd Christmas together.

So now that the presents are wrapped and the decorations are up I need to focus on the Christmas cards. That's my next task!


Everts said...

So cute and very pretty tree! I love it!

xantogal said...

It looks awesome!! I love putting up my decorations too... but you have cooler ones than I do :)

Anonymous said...

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