Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Book List Review

This year I have picked up the hobby of reading. I have read before but this year I rediscovered the joy and love of it. I don't think there was ever a period of time this month where I wasn't in the middle of a book. If there was my ears were on the constant search of hearing about a new one to start. I have put together a list of all (if I remembered them all) of the books I read this year. I also rated them according to my nerdy tastes. Also, I wrote a note on the bottom of this post. Don't forget to read it. Sometimes I feel like the bottom of posts get ignored.
Here they are in no particular order:

The Host - YYY
By: Stephanie Meyer

I am pretty easy to please. It takes place right next to my home town. Aliens and such... I liked it. It dragged a bit in the middle and was a bit predictable.

The Secret Life of Bees - YYYY
By: Sue Monk Kidd

I read this at my first book club with the ward. It made me want to raise bees whenever we get our own place. It is a heartwarming story taking place in the south.

My Sister's Keeper - YYYY
By: Jodi Picoult

You may begin to notice a common trait in the books I choose. I like to read books that have been made into a movie. I love reading it first and then watching it. I read this one with my mom. We loved it. *Warning - tear jerker*

The Geursney Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - YYYY
By: Mary Ann Shaffer

This book is a quick, easy read. It's sweet and romantic. It's a realistic fiction that will make you love the name Dawsey.

Eat, Pray, Love - YYYYY
By: Elizabeth Gilbert

This book is fabulous! There is only one word to describe this book: INSPIRING. I think I will read it again. Maybe right now.

The Lovely Bones - YY
By: Alice Sebola

Mason and I read this together and we were both extremely disappointed in the ending. We only hope that the movie ends better than the book. Also, this one is a little rough. If you read it - don't say I didn't warn you.

The Reader - Y
By: Bernhard Schlink

No I didn't see the movie. Don't worry I won't. I think it's rated X. (Ok it's not that bad) But atleast it was interesting.

Breaking Dawn - YYYY
By: Stephanie Meyer

I won't write my reviews of all of these. I mix up all the stories anyway. But I did like them and would recommend them to you if you haven't read them yet.

Eclipse - YYYY
By: Stephanie Meyer

You know...

New Moon - YYYY
By: Stephanie Meyer

But did you know that I hate the actors in the movies? I think they are horrible.

Twilight - YYYY
By: Stephanie Meyer

I feel like the casting director regrets his choice in Bella especially but now they are stuck with her. Lucky for her. Sad for them - and us.

A Christmas Carol - YYY
By: Charles Dickens

This was a good classic to read to get in the Christmas spirit. Plus it gave me so much insight into the beloved story we have heard since we were little.

Message In A Bottle - YYY
By: Nicholas Sparks

I don't usually read romance novels but I think this one came at one of those moments where I was desperate for something to read. But I liked it. I like to get sappy sometimes.

Angela's Ashes - BOO!
By: Frank McCourt

Worst book ever!! I hated it! I labored through it hoping for some resolution in the end and it ended in the worst possible way. Oh man. Don't read this unless it's the last book on earth. Maybe some of you have read it and liked it and I'm just not cultured enough to appreciate it - but yuck. No thanks.

The BoyLost - YYY
By: David Pelzer

This is a must read if you read "A Child Called It." It's sad but also makes you feel better for that poor child.

The Tale of Despereaux - YYYYY
By: Kate DiCamille

I read this book for the first time with my class. They loved it. I loved it. I know it's a kids book but it's great.
So there you have it. If any of you have read any of these books let me know. Even if you read them and felt differently I would love to hear it too. Also I am currently on the look out for some new good books for 2010. What are your favorites?


Everts said...

Wow, you have read a lot this year! Good for you. I was interested in reading The Host and am still a bit unsure. I feel like I won't get it. I have read the Twilight Saga twice now and love them. I mix them all up too so I can't really pick a favorite. I was interested in Lovely Bones but due to the graphic nature of it (or so I've heard) I cannot read it. I don't deal with the whole rape thing lightly. It makes me sick to my stomach. I am looking for some good books to read too so if I find one, I'll let you know! We could be reading buddies and after we read the same book, we could have an over the phone or email book club lol... just a thought.

Kimberly said...

My favorites this year were The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks (annoying title, great book), the Hunger Games, and Just Listen. Yes, they're all YA books, but I'm just not ready for adult fiction :P

Ashley Jane said...

The Life of Pi and There Eyes Were Watching God have to be some of my favorites. But now I am pretty much confined to cookbooks and cooking and food and nutrition and all that. I once knew how to read books without pictures, now I can't read them unless they do. Haha, sorry. This is Cameron by the way

Ashley Jane said...

The Life of Pi and There Eyes Were Watching God have to be some of my favorites. But now I am pretty much confined to cookbooks and cooking and food and nutrition and all that. I once knew how to read books without pictures, now I can't read them unless they do. Haha, sorry. This is Cameron by the way

KM said...

Thanks for the list! I actually disliked the Host...just because she has such issues with the love triangles....but that's just me. My fave is "Left to Tell" and I think you'll LOVE it!! =) And um...I didn't like Life of Pi either (mostly because of the disturbing ending, coupled with images of rememberance of what I'd just read). I was thinking about reading Angela's Ashes and am glad you mentioned it's miserable. Have you ever read the Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency books? Anyway, fun posts, as always! =) Kali

Jennifer Starr said...

Okay.... I can only think of two books I read this year, I'm now inspired to read more in 2010, thanks Allison!! LOve your blog and your hubby is super cute, I can't get over that his name is Mason... just like your neighbor kid...so funny;)

Tanya said...

I totally agree with you on the casting for Twilight, especially Bella. I'm glad you did a review of all the books you read now I know which one's I'd attempt reading and which ones I might not. Here's a recommendation for you if you like a good intense book, it's a teen novel so it's not too intense: It's called The Hunger Games. Have you heard of it? It's a series of 3 and the 3rd comes out this coming fall. Both books I loved!!! Try them out sometime. By the way LOOOOVED your blog post on Christmas at your parents. I just love your family!

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