Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The pie...

This year we are spending Thanksgiving with Mason's family. We will be having it at his Grandma's house up in Woodland. I'm excited.

I'm also in charge of making the pumpkin pie. Does anyone out there have any yummy recipes they are willing to share? If not I guess I can give ol' Betty Crocker a try... or the back of the pumpkin can I suppose.

(I love this picture - it was too much of a classic not to put on)


Stephanie Saunders said...

OOh, I have the BEST recipe. Here it is :

1 car
1 Costco membership card
Directions: Drive to costco. Purchase pumpkin pie. Enjoy.

Michael and Lindsay Condie said...

Even better is pumpkin cheesecake.... YUUUMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYY!!!

And I agree with the costco recipe... I don't have any besides that one. Good luck!!

Amy said...

i just saw a recipe that looks so good on yourheartout.com

good luck and happy thanksgiving!

Kimberly said...

My mom makes the best pumpkin pie (or so the pumpkin pie eaters in our family say) and she just uses the recipe on the can. The trick is, she says, not to over bake it so it stays moist. Good luck! (Ditto Stephanie's sentiment but buy pecan instead).

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