Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How many syllables in Squanto?

Today we were reading the story of Squanto the Indian who helped the Pilgrims. The story starts off with him as a boy living with the Native Americans. While he is a boy he leaves with some English traders and goes back to England. He stays there until he is grown. While he is there he is captured and sold as a slave.

At this point in the story one of my sensitive little boys raises his hand and asks, "Was he a human?" I paused and said, "Yes... wait. What do you mean?" He asked again, "Was he a human?" I said, "An Indian? Or do you mean was he a grown up? Was he a man?" He said, "Yes."

He is a triplet and his brothers look back at him and say, "Man, do you even know what a human is? You are a human."

This sensitive little guys is beginning to well up with tears as he says, "Yes." Then I proceded to tell the class that we are all humans, etc as this little guy covers his face and cries.

Boy to human... sometimes in class I do feel as though that is the progression of life or is it vice versa - think about that one a bit.


I was testing syllables for the report cards today. I had a little guy at the back table who I was testing. Here is what happened...
Me: "Ok... How many syllables are in your name?"
Him: *clapping the words* "Daw-son... 2."
Me: "How many in turkey?"
Him: *clap clap* "tur-key... 2."
Me: "How many in boy?"
Him: *clap* "boy...1."
Me: (turning to a girl who was talking and saying Shhhhhhh!)
Him: *clap* "Shhh...1."



Josh said...

Oh Allison, you have such a genuine love for your job and your students! It's fun to watch and read about all the joy and fun things you experience in your classroom because you really draw a beautiful appreciation from it that really shows how you are "living the dream" as you always said... I'm very happy for you!

Stephanie Saunders said...

Aww, how heartbreaking! That poor little boy! But I'm glad you left it on a high note with that cute little story :)

Kimberly said...

Hehe, that's too good.

Britta Mosman said...

so cute! little innocent 1st graders:)

Kristina said...

Evidently I failed teaching syllables. One of my little first grade critters had 6, 8, or 10 as the answer to every word.
Me: How many syllables in the word "chair"?
Student: (after saying it an counting it) Six.
Me: How many syllables in the word "table"?
Student: (again, after saying it and counting it) Ten.

I give up.
Maybe I should have tried the word "shhhh".

Kara Miller said...

Haha!! Classic :)

xinxin said...

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