Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Chicago Caper Murder Mystery

Friday night we hosted a murder mystery dinner with some of my fellow teacher friends from the school. We had SO much fun! The scene was set in the 1920s at a speakeasy. I had a great time setting the scene in our home. I even found some authentic music that I LOVE. Everyone played their parts amazingly and like I said we had a blast!

Here we are - Molly M. Awbsterr and Earnest G. Ambler. Mason's slick back hair is only slightly creepy.

Here's Scoop the reporter and S. Treighton Harrow the lawyer.

Silky M. Adam and Eddie R. Gyle.

Torchy and Billy Thrower.

It was great! We had a prize for the person who guessed the murderer. Mason guessed right on. He's so smart! I think Kim came in second. I'm so glad everyone went all out! Let's do it again guys!

Here are some pictures of the appetizers that I served. I was so proud of them:

The monster cheeseball head and these...

Yummy and super cute!


Britta Mosman said...

How fun!! what yummy treats:) looks like you are a great hostess!

xantogal said...

So fun! You always have the cutest parties :)

Kristina said...

Thanks for a great night!

Everts said...

I really wished I lived near you so I could be your friend and do fun things with you like this!! You are so fun! I love your costumes!!

longge said...

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jillian said...

hi! your party looks like it was alot of fun! i just recently got that exact murder mystery party game at a yard sale and it was missing 2 secret clues!! it was missing Earnest secret clue, and "Silky" secret clue. We were planning this party for saturday night and just realized this!! my email is if you would be willing to pass along info on those secret clues!!