Thursday, October 22, 2009

Witches Night Out '09

It was a success! I loved my new hat. Don't you??

My cute mom.

Klara and I.

We didn't get our fortunes told because we got there too late. Dang it. But I guess it doesn't really matter... last year my mom asked if she would be a Grandmother within the year and clearly she isn't.

Lots of fun!!


xantogal said...

I gotta practice looking 'cute' for pictures, and not making faces all the time ;) LOL

Britta Mosman said...

that looks like so much fun!! I wish I knew about it when I lived up there. hmmm, az should do somethin like that!! Your hat was so cute!! You make a pretty witch:)

Jana and Brett said...

Yes! I do love your hat! I contemplate going every year...looks like I missed it again.

Kara Miller said...

I want your hat.

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