Saturday, October 31, 2009

Me and Mrs. Jones

That's right. At school this year I dressed up at Indiana Jones. The kids loved it! This was one of my students from 2 years ago. He was dressed as Indiana Jones too. He and his mom came by after school to get a picture together.

Mason wouldn't kiss me goodbye because he said I looked too much like my brother Kyle with my 5 o'clock shadow. He doesn't seem to mind being too close in this other picture though... Hmm... what do you think?

The school parties were fun. It was a hyper active busy day complete with a little 'butterfly princess' projectile vomiting 3 times all over my room on her way to the trash can. Ahhh... good times.

Here are our pumpkins. We made a mighty good mess carving these but had fun as always!


Everts said...

Cute!! So clever! I really like your pumpkins!! Happy Halloween!

Britta Mosman said...

Great costume!!! gotta, love halloween and school:) Also, your pumpkins are sweet!!

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