Thursday, October 8, 2009

Birthday Boy

For lack of a better picture (I'm on my school computer and this is the only one I have) here he is!

Happy Birthday Hun!

He is such a peach.

PS: This picture totally represents how I feel today. It's parent teacher conferences which also means I won't be able to do anything special for Mason. We will postpone it until tomorrow. This happened last year too! Bah.


Everts said...

lol What a cute picture. It seems the older we get the more we have to celebrate birthdays before or after the actual birth day. Stinks... Happy Birthday Mason!

Kristina said...

Can I join you and Mason in the parent teacher conference collapse? I'm EXHAUSTED!!

xantogal said...

I think all teachers are feeling the Parent Conference Drag... I'm not a teacher, but I'm feeling it too. Good thing I wished Mason happy birthday already, huh? See what a good friend I am ;)

Dorothy & Tony said...

happy birthday mason! hope he had a great birthday! hope you guys have fun celebrating tonight!