Saturday, September 19, 2009

The kiva!

So do you remember the thing that I was throwing such a fit about a couple of weeks ago that the 2nd grade teacher took back from me? Well I threw such a fit and told so many people that a sweet man in my old ward who just loves Mason and I and builds houses for a living offered to make me one. What a brat I am... I know. But I was astonished at how kind he even was for offering! It looks fantastic and is perfect.

I had no idea how long it was going to take to do what I wanted to it. Here is was when I first got it. Mason's parents so graciously let me keep it in their garage to work on it. I wanted to paint it and carpet it. I had no idea how much work that was!!

So I haul myself to all these places getting primer for the paint, the paint, and carpet. It took me about a week to do everything I could have thought would only take 2 days to do. But I learned so much in the process.

I learned what the purpose of primer was. I also kinda learned how to estimate how much paint you need to do a project. I underestimated twice so back to the store I went - twice. I learn (totally from the help of my father-in-law Tom) how to put on carpet and what carpet tacs are. Apparently the guy at Ace's didn't know what carpet tacs were either so I taught him after I learned. I learned how to caulk, use a sand gun, and how not to leave paint on brushes overnight.

Are you ready for it?? Drum roll please:

Tada! The finished product looks great! Well it looks great to me because I put so much work into it. It looks great but there are a few flaws. For example: I ran out of the original carpet I had bought for it and went back to the store to get more but they were sold out so I tried to get a matching color. Luckily we did the two outside sections first so the inside sections kinda match. Also if you look closely at the paint inside the cubby holes it's kinda a sloppy job that probably needs two coats. But after everything and not wanting to buy another pint of paint I decided it looked just fine being I was going to be putting things in it. I figure if it bugs me enough I will redo it next summer. But I am putting things in it anyway so who really cares?

But I love it! The kids fit on it perfectly and I think it looks great in my classroom!

Moral of the story - if you complain to enough people about something, you are bound to get your way. Ha! I wish it were that easy.


Amy said...

It looks great! You should be very proud of your hard work!

Stephanie Saunders said...

That looks awesome! Now you know what to do if you ever need to recarpet your house!

Kristina said...

I'm jealous. Seriously. I may come and steal it one night. Good luck finding it. Oh yeah... it'll be in room 139.

xantogal said...

I love it! Such a bright and happy color, too!!! :)

Michael and Lindsay Condie said...

So cool! I've never seen something like that before... what a great thing for your school kids.