Sunday, September 6, 2009

I am a fantasy football wife

As if being a teacher wasn't hard enough, I also endure several months of the ins and outs of pro football. I am vowed to silence for 2 hours during one evening of the draft. I get to hear about the trades and keepers. I am destined to lose my husband for multiple nights of the week.  I'm sure it's all fun for them, and I'm sure it's quite difficult to keep track of which athlete has been arrested or thrown into prison each year for whatever reason.

Oh, wait. They have to keep track of injuries. Sorry. It's the injuries that they keep track of.

I'm sure if there was a Fantasy Kid's Show league, I'd rock due to my profession.

And I've learned that my husband selected on his team name tonight. You know, intimidation is quite important in any competition. It's important to keep your opponent on their toes. I'm confident that during the weeks when the other guys have to play against Mason, they will be shaking in their boots when they think of this team.

Ready for it?

Team name: 
The Snotbubblers.

Now this could have to do with the recent cold Mason has caught.  But I think it's way fierce.

I even found the perfect jerserys for them to wear.

Good luck, honey! I know you want that title to brag about. And, boy, I sure hope you get it. I can't think of anything I'd rather hear you talking about.  ;o)

For now, I think I'll keep unloading moving boxes.


Stephanie Saunders said...

Kent actually missed the draft day, which he was really upset about. I actually enjoy watching football with him when it's on- but I hate how he gets even more upset when someone misses a pass or a quarterback fumbles. But I highly doubt that whatever Kent's team name is is more fierce or intimidating than Mason's.

Dorothy & Tony said...

So why didnt we hang out while the blys where on the draft??? We shouls plan some nights where we all get together while the guys are counting their points and trash talk each other!

xantogal said...

I don't get any of it... but that's just me. LOL.
aister: one who 'aces' everything he/she does.

longge said...

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