Monday, September 28, 2009

Boring Posts

I have realized that my past couple of posts have probably been quite boring for you readers out there. I am obsessively reading all of your blogs and loving it - until today when I realized that they made mine look so... uneventful. So thank you for posting, but I have to apologize for the lameness of my recent posts. Decorations and crafts are all I have to blog about these days. Hopefully this upcoming Halloween season will bring some more interesting posts.

Football/school starting/no children or pets = a boring blog.

So bear with me as I am excited about another Halloween project I just finished. I have decided to insert different font sizes to spice things up. Here it comes...

Now the main reason I am so excited about this project is because it cost me 2 whole dollars to make something so cute! Here's how...

.99 cents at Roberts for the orange paint
$1.00 at Roberts for the cute ribbon
(gotta love coupons)

Start with some scrap wood. I found these in a little garbage pile next to a new home being built in my area. I thought I surely would get arrested as I collected these while the workers were there... but no one seemed to notice. Just pretend like you belong there and no one will ask questions. Paint them orange. Then sand around the edges. I cut some 2 inch medium thick branches off my tree. Glued them to the top and wrapped around some green ribbon and raffia I had laying around. Ta-Da! Wooden pumpkins!

Easy, cute, and fun to make. Thanks for taking the time to read another uneventful post.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm in the fall mood

So I am officially in the mood for fall now.  It's such a beautiful time of year.  This Saturday I decided to do some projects I have been wanting to get to.  I have been meaning to make a wreath for about 3 years now.  So here is the beginning of my project that I found here.
I had so much fun making it and think it turned out way cute.  It was the perfect way to bring in that fall spirit.

Then I got bored on Saturday afternoon so I decided to put up my Halloween decorations.  I know I'm a couple of days early but I figured that i wouldn't have the energy on Thursday after school when it was officially October.  So I jumped the gun a bit.  Oh well.

I found this darling witch hat that I LOVE!!  My mom and I go to witches night out at Thanksgiving Point each year so I decided to up my witch hat.  I'm super excited to wear it.

And this is what Mason did as I danced around him.  He's a good sport.  Snotblubbers is doing well.

Welcome Fall!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The kiva!

So do you remember the thing that I was throwing such a fit about a couple of weeks ago that the 2nd grade teacher took back from me? Well I threw such a fit and told so many people that a sweet man in my old ward who just loves Mason and I and builds houses for a living offered to make me one. What a brat I am... I know. But I was astonished at how kind he even was for offering! It looks fantastic and is perfect.

I had no idea how long it was going to take to do what I wanted to it. Here is was when I first got it. Mason's parents so graciously let me keep it in their garage to work on it. I wanted to paint it and carpet it. I had no idea how much work that was!!

So I haul myself to all these places getting primer for the paint, the paint, and carpet. It took me about a week to do everything I could have thought would only take 2 days to do. But I learned so much in the process.

I learned what the purpose of primer was. I also kinda learned how to estimate how much paint you need to do a project. I underestimated twice so back to the store I went - twice. I learn (totally from the help of my father-in-law Tom) how to put on carpet and what carpet tacs are. Apparently the guy at Ace's didn't know what carpet tacs were either so I taught him after I learned. I learned how to caulk, use a sand gun, and how not to leave paint on brushes overnight.

Are you ready for it?? Drum roll please:

Tada! The finished product looks great! Well it looks great to me because I put so much work into it. It looks great but there are a few flaws. For example: I ran out of the original carpet I had bought for it and went back to the store to get more but they were sold out so I tried to get a matching color. Luckily we did the two outside sections first so the inside sections kinda match. Also if you look closely at the paint inside the cubby holes it's kinda a sloppy job that probably needs two coats. But after everything and not wanting to buy another pint of paint I decided it looked just fine being I was going to be putting things in it. I figure if it bugs me enough I will redo it next summer. But I am putting things in it anyway so who really cares?

But I love it! The kids fit on it perfectly and I think it looks great in my classroom!

Moral of the story - if you complain to enough people about something, you are bound to get your way. Ha! I wish it were that easy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

After the storm...

It's been such a long time since I've blogged about anything.  I have had a lot going on and have been meaning to get on everyday.  

But yesterday after the huge rainstorm there were these BEAUTIFUL clouds rolling through.  This was the view outside Mason's parents house.

On top of that hill in the distance is Suncrest.  That's where a majority of my students live.  They were all talking today about the fog that was up there.

It was stunning.

I live in such a beautiful area.  I love Utah.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I am a fantasy football wife

As if being a teacher wasn't hard enough, I also endure several months of the ins and outs of pro football. I am vowed to silence for 2 hours during one evening of the draft. I get to hear about the trades and keepers. I am destined to lose my husband for multiple nights of the week.  I'm sure it's all fun for them, and I'm sure it's quite difficult to keep track of which athlete has been arrested or thrown into prison each year for whatever reason.

Oh, wait. They have to keep track of injuries. Sorry. It's the injuries that they keep track of.

I'm sure if there was a Fantasy Kid's Show league, I'd rock due to my profession.

And I've learned that my husband selected on his team name tonight. You know, intimidation is quite important in any competition. It's important to keep your opponent on their toes. I'm confident that during the weeks when the other guys have to play against Mason, they will be shaking in their boots when they think of this team.

Ready for it?

Team name: 
The Snotbubblers.

Now this could have to do with the recent cold Mason has caught.  But I think it's way fierce.

I even found the perfect jerserys for them to wear.

Good luck, honey! I know you want that title to brag about. And, boy, I sure hope you get it. I can't think of anything I'd rather hear you talking about.  ;o)

For now, I think I'll keep unloading moving boxes.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Oh give me a phone... and some time all alone..."

That title is to the tune of "Home on the Range" but it's exactly how I am feeling right now. We just moved this past weekend and have been cleaning our old house ever since. As of 8:30 last night it is officially done. But that causes me a couple of things:

1 - I have to use the internet here at the school because ours at our new place doesn't work yet and this school computer doesn't fully bring up the pages so who knows what this post will actually look like.

2 - I have lost my phone charger in one of the boxes so I am phoneless. Call Mason is you want to get a hold of me.

3 - All my things are somewhere in a box. Luckily I have managed to get dressed and look decent the past couple of days. My goal tonight is to get my clothes unpacked.

4 - I'm sad because I am so behind on Blogs. But I guess that's a good thing because when I do actually find some time to sit down and look at blogs I will have a lot to look at!