Monday, August 10, 2009

Kitty for a day

Down in American Fork they have a little grass median outside Walmart where people are always selling puppies and kittens and such.  I am always a sucker for this area and often stop just to hold a puppy.  Well this little kitty did me in, especially when the owner said that i could have her for free.  I'll take anything if it's free, come on... OPPORTUNITY.  Even a problem - as long as it has the word free attached to it.

I was like a new mom in heaven.  I went to Walmart and bought all these cute little kitty things: sparkly collar with bell, pink food dish, her first kitty litter box, I even made her a pet bed off of a website I found online.  

She was the sweetest tiniest thing EVER!  She was 6 weeks old and wanted nothing more than to snuggle with us and mew.  She would run circles around our necks until she found the perfect spot and then fall asleep.  

But then being the rational adults that we are, we decided that a teeny baby kitty probably isn't the wisest thing for us right now... for a couple reasons 1) Our landlords said no pets.  2) We are moving to a new house in like a week or so and that's bad timing.  3) We will be moving a lot with Mason going to Law School and such and Mason says that hard on cats to move so much.  4) School starts next week and it would be home alone crying all day.


Here's Mason saying goodbye to this sweet little thing.  I had to take her back and give her away along with a couple of my heart strings.

I suppose I like to make myself sad.  I knew that it probably wasn't the best idea at the time as I was wrapping her up to bring her home.  I need something to curve my baby hunger!!!  Ahhhh!!


Amy said...'re moving? I thought you guys decided not to move. Are you leaving our ward? Where to?

Stephanie Saunders said...

You can take care of my kids for a week. That will cure your baby hunger :)

Kayz said...

Ha ha ha....I know what you mean! I was thinking of getting dog, but then I hung out with a new lil puppy (Yorkie mix that I sort of want) and it pee'd all over the furniture. Then I thought...hmmmm, maybe in the summer time when I have time to train it. Where are u2 moving to? u sure you don't wanna real baby yet? =)