Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kids say the darnest things...

Every year around this time I go through my drawers at school and clean out everything I have been gathering all year.  I have one drawer where I throw funny things that I hear the kids talking about or saying.  I will write it on a sticky note and throw it in there to be looked at at a later time.  I found these and got a kick out of some of them.  I will put their initials so you can see how many of the entertaining comments come from the same kids.  I know it's a lot of reading but enjoy:

This was from my problem student this year.  I heard him telling this to a friend:
   - "I like Mrs. Lefler because she's so nice.  She's always smiling - even when she's mad." - J

This quote was from the same student.  He had to stay in during recess for a couple of minutes once and I went over to get a drink from the fountain.
 - "YOU even take a drink??" - J
     "Yes... I am human..." -Me
     "Oh.  I didn't know that." - J

This was in response when I asked where her homework was:
 -  "I couldn't do it because all the pens at our house were out of ink!" -S

Every year during Martin Luther King day there is almost a reverent feeling of thanks for people being equal.  My kids always love this unit I do with them.  One little boy raised his hand and said this:
 - "I know how to thank Martin Luther even though he is dead.  I'm going to say a prayer and thank him." -M  (How sweet is that??)

While I was teaching and the kids were all sitting at the carpet I look down and this little boy has blood gushing out of his thumb.  I asked, "What happened????"
 - "I bite my skin.  It's attracting."

This was a conversation I was overhearing between two little boys who LOVE space.  They were reading a book on the moon.  Here's how it went:
 - "I wonder how space ships leave the atmosphere and not burn up." - D
   "Yeah and how don't they hit the moon?" - J

This is yet another conversation I heard between the same little boys during reading time a different day.
 - "Do you know how many people there are in the world?" - J
 - "180." - D
 - "Wow." - J

This last one is a little note that I found on my desk.  School starts at 7:55 and I was suppose to be there at 7:30.  Occasionally I wouldn't get there until 7:45 and if it was snowing outside a couple of kids would be waiting by my door to come in.  Well this one particular morning I did come late and this was the note I found.  Sorry it's backwards:

(Dear Mrs. Lefler,  You slept in today.  From?)

I love my job.


Julie and Scott said...

I LOVE YOUR JOB TOO! Kids are so great :)

Everts said...

SO adorable!! What a great job you have. Children are so great and funny. Keep the quotes coming!!!

Kristina said...

Ahhhh... a little fuel to begin another school year. I swear, funny kids is one of the only good things about our job. Sometimes I feel like people won't believe the CRAZY things these kids can say, but it's all true!!

Kayz said...

Ha ha ha ha...I think the note is my fave. Thankgoodness for funny moments like this, right? =) Our principal says, "1/2 your pay is the money."

Sherine said...

I love these Allison.. and I love that you write them down. And I need to work on smiling when I'm mad. It's much easier than working on just not being mad.

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