Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Online scrapbooking

I'm looking to start online scrapbooking but there are a million websites out there.

Which do you use?
Which is the best pricewise - if you know.

I can't seem to look anything up online that compares them and I'm clueless.



Chad Martell & Teresa said...

i played around with shabby princess...i have to use powerpoint since i dont have photoshop..but here's a site you can look at... hope it helps a little =)
also shabbyprincess.com

Britta Mosman said...

OOO, I want to know too!!! I have asked around a long time ago but don't remember what everyone told me. I know there are a lot of options!

DR Gunderson Family said...

Try this site, it's run by a couple in our ward and they send out lots of freebies :) www.digitalscrapbookexperts.com


Dorothy & Tony said...

NOt sure about the about the online scrapbooking but I am sure that your vegies look yummy. Good job with those. Love the Cat...Pretty sure the cat is the way he is because Mase is obsessed. We have had a talk before about cats and I have never met a guy other than my Hubby that loves cats so much. I am pretty sure Mase has spoiled that kitty to the moon and back!

Britta Mosman said...

It's actually in East Mesa. It's a newly developed area of town! right off the 60. They start at $125,000 but ours is just a bit higher than that. We wanted the larger size:) haha. We think it's well worth it to build!! Way to difficult to deal with the foreclosures and banks. But other people haven't had as big of a deal dealing with them. We sure think the Lord lead us in this direction. Looking and putting in offers for over 4 months and having all our loan stuff ready was frustrating! so with building all we had to do was chose the one we wanted and what we wanted in it and sign the papers and we are ready to go. now just the wait for it to be done (sigh) :) I wish them good luck with their search!!! I hope they find something they want!!

Kimberly said...

Ok, so I don't digital scrapbook, but it intrigues me. So please, keep us in the loop. I have looked around at howfasttheygrow.com which is geared at baby scrapbooks but looked easy to use. I haven't investigated if their stuff is applicable to other things or just all bottles and diapers.