Thursday, July 30, 2009


Mason got a job!!!!!

I'm happy for his sake and mine.  I have really enjoyed playing with him all summer being school has been out.  But it's been WAY too long.  
Bless those people who hired him.  
Bless them.

(Don't ask me what he does... I'm not quite sure yet.  Haha!)


Kristina said...

Yippee! Jobs are a good thing... especially in THIS economy. Congrats Mason!

Dorothy & Tony said...

Yay Mase!!! So glad he found something! Thank you for your texts last night it is so good to know that my friends are there for me and my family when we need them! I love your last couple posts and seriously you and the mase are such a beautiful couple!!!

Kayz said...

ha ha ha! I love your comments!! Good to hear he got a job and I'm excited for future comments/posts on what he does exactly. =)