Monday, July 13, 2009

Arizona Activities

We have been having a lot of fun down here doing all kinds of things. Mason left to go home last Thusrday but I stayed here a bit longer. I'm coming home tomorrow. It's been fun hanging out with my parents. Here are some of the things we did:

Went tubing on the Salt River with Kyle and Stacey...
It's relaxing and fun!

This was the bus that everyone piles in to and it takes you to the top of the river.

Then we went to the place that gave my hometown it's name. The Casa Grande Ruins. It's a huge Indian temple out in the middle of NOWHERE. It was BLAZING hot that day. Mason asked me how I ever grew up in such heat. I think it was pushing 115 - I told him I had no idea.

Despite the heat it was awesome to see. I had been there on a field trip in 5th grade, but you know how you don't really pay attention to anything so it was fun to learn about.

Here we are standing in a doorway.

Then we went to visit my cute little Mexican grandfather. He is 92 and still going strong. He asked me if I had a little 'bambino' inside. I told him no... is that his way of telling me I'm getting chubby... it's true - I know it. It was hilarious.

Then we visited my Grandma up in Phoenix. We went to a candy factory where they give tours. Here she is pulling some taffy.

Now it's our turn! See the bambino?? That's my next goal... to lose him.

This is 300 pounds of chocolate!!! That might take even the biggest chocolate lover a while to eat!!

It's been fun. Like I said I'm coming home tomorrow. It's been a great vacation!


bnat said...

hmmm.....still haven't seen you on facebook.....sad, telling truths. sad. kind regards - eric a.

Britta Mosman said...

Looks like so much fun!! We should have gotten together in that busy schedule you guys had to do lunch or something:) Some lady was telling me at work today that the hospitals thermostat read 118 degree. whew! hot! actually Reid and I have really gotten used to it since we have lived here almost a year. maybe it gets easier and easier. Glad you guys had a wonderful vacation!!

Ready for school to start next month? Time is really flying by!

Britta Mosman said...

That would be fun!! For sure give us a call. we have been wanting to check out some of the hikes in the area. how was the salt river? We want to try it sometime soon.

Stephanie Saunders said...

Girl, you look great! And I'm not quite sure how we grew up in Arizona. Isn't it awful?

Julie and Scott said...

Darn, no bambino inside. You'll need to work on that now that you have one of those nifty nursing covers. :) Looks like you all had fun in AZ. Can't believe you went out to the ruins... haven't been there in years!

Kara Miller said...

What bambino?! There's nothing there!! haha

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