Wednesday, July 29, 2009

24th Of July

We went up to a Bee's game for the 24th.  When we got there we found out that the game had been canceled by the other team (they were thinking Swine Flu) but they still wanted people to be there for the fireworks show.  So they had a home-run derby and then we watched high school league teams play instead.  We still had a lot of fun and being the game was canceled they gave us two tickets each to two more Bee's game, two Jazz tickets, and two Motorcross Sports event tickets.  So I'd say overall it was a good deal!

I love going to these types of outings just for the experience of the crowd.

You can't really tell but it was probably one of the best fireworks shows I have ever been to.  It was fabulous!


Kristina said...

I love the picture of you and Mason. It's wedding invitation worthy! :) Has Mason lost weight? He looks great! Glad you two had fun. It's always fun to get out and do something different.

Thanks too for getting ice cream last night and coming over to see the sad remains of my home.It's nice to feel like I have support from my friends. Thanks!!

Everts said...

Yeah, I'd say you scored!! You are so pretty Allison. I can't even believe it. You and your husband are going to make beautiful babies. Even when I lived next door I thought you were one of the prettiest girls I'd ever seen. and you still are! :)

Sherine said...

Sheesh.. so wish we would've gone. I love the Bees games.. and we never really watch the game anyway.