Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our 'extended' anniversary...

We have been stretching out our anniversary for as long as possible.  Here are some of things we have been doing.  My cute mom sent us these matching aprons with our names on them for our gift.  We love them so much!

We take turns planning our anniversaries and it was my year this year.  We were suppose to go to the Melting Pot and get massages the night of our anniversary, but Mason took the LSAT that day.  He was so tired that night that we decided to celebrate a different night.  So last weekend we went to the Melting Pot.  Neither of us had been before.

Ooooo... so yummy.  Especially the dessert.

We had chocolate everywhere by the time we were done taking these pictures.  We went and got massages afterwards.

Yesterday we went to Lagoon.  It's a theme park here in Utah that has all kinds of fun roller-coasters and attractions.  It was great because it rained some yesterday so there were NO lines.  We walked right up to everything.  It was awesome!

I love theme parks and I'm always up for any ride but I H-A-T-E  this ride.  HATE Hate hate.  It's the scariest ride on the planet.  I don't know why it freaks me out so much.  It's just the anticipation of it dropping when you get up there.  Well Mason claims that this is his favorite ride and being I'm his ride buddy now (a ride buddy is what we got when we got married... we never have to worry about not having someone to sit next to, and feeling like a loser, on rides anymore) I have to go on it.  And I'm a good ride buddy so I always, always do.  I swear he doesn't even like the ride that much.  He just loves to watch me FREAK OUT at the top every time.  So we went on it at the beginning so I wouldn't have to be anxious about it the rest of the day.

But he's a good ride buddy because I love the water rides.

You are probably noticing a trend in our pictures.  We can only take pictures from an arms length.  So sorry if all the poses are similar.

We had wanted to ride the ferris wheel last but they closed it early because of the rain so we rode this ski lift type ride that goes all the way across the park last.  Right when we got to the highest part right in the middle of the park there was a HUGE bolt of lightening and it started to pour rain.  I freaked out, again, because we were stranded on this ride and i was certain we were going to get hit by lightening... we took this picture below hoping to catch some more lightening...  it was pretty intense.  We were the last ones on the ride.  Kinda freaky...

So that's the end of our anniversary... we now don't have any other excuse to spend money on fun things.  That's secretly why we were stretching it out so long.


The Stanford Bunch said...

wow, what a FUN anniversary!!! The melting pot is pretty awesome, isn't it!? And I love those freefall rides, yes very scary, but that's what makes them so fun!!

Quindi said...

You know what would make a great anniversary?

Rafting down the might salmon river :)

Oh--and speaking of family. My family was going to be a trip of 18 people. And somehow only 4 are coming... sound familiar?

Stephanie Saunders said...

Too fun! You guys are such a fun couple.

Kayz said...

HA HA! Girl you know how to plan a CelEbrAtion!! =) SO FUN!!!