Sunday, June 14, 2009

How teachers spend their time off...

I stole this post from one of my co-workers... she had the camera that day and she did such a good job putting it into words.  Thanks Kristina!  This makes up for the Sponebob picture... haha!

I work with some truly amazing people! One of the best parts about being a teacher is having the summer months off. Yippee! But the bad part is that I don't get to see the other teachers everyday. Our first grade team is seriously going through withdrawals! We've already done several things together. There is actually seven of us that teach first grade, but there are four of us that like to get out and do something fun. One week after school got out Allison, Jacquie, Kim and I went to lunch and then to the spa for manicures.

Jacquie and Allison demonstrating their Chinese food etiquette.
Kim and I. We opted to not eat in the picture.

At the spa...
Me and Jacquie (her back is to the camera in the blue shirt)

Kim and Allison.

I can't think of a better way to spend one of many days off!


Britta Mosman said...

LOVE IT!!! I wish I could be there! I'm jealous, but glad you guys are having some serious fun with you vacation!!

Everts said...

How fun!! I LOVE your hair short Allison. SO adorable. You are one cute teacher!!

Kristina said...

What a FABULOUS post!! It was a truly fun day. It's been great spending time with you this summer.