Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This is how I am spending my spring break:
I came here:

To get away from this:

This is what I did yesterday:

(What the heck is this picture?!)
While reading this:
This what I was plan on doing today:

While not thinking about:
Spending time with:


Coming back on:


Dorothy said...

Love It!!! I hope you have a wonderful Spring Break!!! How are you liking Breaking Dawn????

Hilary said...

cute entry. love the photos.

The Everts said...

Very cute and clever. Have fun!!

Britta Mosman said...

FUN! Gotta love the AZ sun:) I'm glad you are enjoying your spring break! It is much deserved. What part of AZ are you in?

Stephanie Saunders said...

Mmmm... Arizona sun...

Kristina said...

LOVE the post! I hope you had a great trip and I'll see you on Monday. Only 30 more days to go!!

Sherine said...

Allison.. hope you had a great spring break! pancake bunny? talented.

So for the collages I use picassa (free from google) It's really user friendly.. and then to post them bigger I use photobucket.com (also free-- upload the collage then copy link and paste in your post) You need to have a blog layout that is wider ( I use minima stretch) so that the pictures will fit.
Promise it's easier than it sounds:) I'm happy to walk you through it if you get stuck.. Ive's can give you my # or email:)

longge said...

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