Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pinch, pinch, pinch...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays at school.  This year a leprechaun came and visited our classroom.

Here is what happened... Monday before school got out we set leprechaun traps in hope of catching one.  Well when the kids got to school this morning, this is what they found:

He had run all over their desks in green paint.  Then they saw this written on the board...

Kinda silly I know, but he had left a green drink there for me to drink.  I always take a vote at this point in the morning.  We vote to see if I should drink it and risk the chance of dying.  This morning, only 3 of my 27 kids thought that I shouldn't drink the drink.  Clearly my health is not of their concern.

So I drink it and about 15 minutes later my foot started to feel really weird so I took off my shoe and sock and....  wah-la!

The potion turned my foot green!!  Now this is the point where the students actually do begin to get concerned.  So this year they came up with the idea to write our leprechaun letters.  These were too priceless to not post.  Sorry there are a lot of them.  I will translate after each in case you can't understand first grade penmanship.

These crack me up because their personalities show through so much.  I am going to 'label' the personality traits these kids will have as they get older.  This is all for fun... just so you know, this isn't how I really think of these kids so please no one think I am a horrible person who labels children.  Here we go... enjoy!

Student #1:  Normal Student

*We are really sorry.  Please turn Mrs. Lefler's foot back to normal.*

Student #2: The Brown-noser
*I think you can read this one.*

Student #3: The Typical Jock
*You are so stupid.  I am going to play football against you.  You are going to die.*

Student #4: Just a Little "OFF"

*Please don't turn us into witches.*

Student #5: The Bully
*We are sorry.  Do not turn Mrs. Lefler green or you will get it!*

Student #6: The Pass the Blame Student
*I am sorry I made you mad.  It was not my fault.  It was my teacher's idea to do it.*
(This one was my personal favorite)

Student #7: Little White Lie
*We are sorry.  We wanted to catch a different leprechaun.*

Student #8: The Paranoid Student

*Please forgive us for making those traps.  Please don't send us to jail.*

Which one was your favorite?  I love these!!!


Amy said...

That is so much fun! I love the green foot!

xantogal said...

And how sad that I missed him this year!!! Your kids are getting smarter I think ;)
Loved the letters!

The Raddon's said...

well miss allison! You are super creative. haha love the foot! the letters were very entertaining.

Michael and Lindsay Condie said...

I love when you post stuff from your school kids... so hilarious! You are really creative!

Kristina said...

Ummm... I think pass the blame is my favorite. Heck, these kids do it all of the time!! Love the post!

The Everts said...

So adorable!! You are just the cutest most fun teacher. I like the pass the blame as well. You are so creative.

Kimberly said...

Hard to say, but I think "you are going to get it" made me laugh the most.

Stephanie Saunders said...

I love the typical jock. I can just see him hitting his chest after writing it.

You're a great teacher. So creative! Man, and I thought I was doing good giving Taylor Lucky Charms for breakfast. Original, I know.

Emily said...

You are such a fun teacher! What a cute idea...

Clayton and Niki said...

Ok, I just got a chance to read this post and it was so freaking funny! You are such a great teacher. I bet those kids love you, especially that bully kid who was ready to throw some punches for you. haha. Miss ya!

Chad Martell & Teresa said...

oh my gosh i just love them all! such darling kids i love all the different personalities. kids are such a hoot! what a creative idea it look like you guys all had a blast!

Sherine said...

Derett started to tell me about this post and I had to come look.. Hilarious. I showed Deacon and Paisley the pics... (they were in shock by the green foot) and asked them what they would have written in a letter to the leprachaun.. Deacon "Please give the teacher another drink to turn her foot back to normal color."
Paisley "I would just punch him."

guess I know who my bully is:)

Great to see you yesterday:)