Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I just spent $151 at Sconecutters...

Mother @*&$%!!!

Last night Mason and I went to a concert (Marc Broussard = amazing) in Salt Lake. Well Mason works in Sandy so whenever we meet up I always drive up there to meet him from Alpine. It's a normal thing for me to part my car in the empty Lowe's parking lot right next to Sconecutters on 9000 S. Right... I have done it no exaggeration probably 10 times before.

So we take off to the concert and around 11 PM pull into the parking lot to find my car missing - MIA. I know immediately to look for the signs and low and behold there is a stupid little sign in the abandoned parking lot of the 'use-to-be' Lowe's. Grrr.... I call up the number and the guy answers. Here is the conversation as follows:

Man: Hello?
Me: Hello. So where are you located?
Man: Who are you calling for?
Me: Ummm... isn't this the towing company??
Man: Yes. (Dead silence)
Me: Soo... do you have my car?
Man: I don't know.
Me: Well can you check?
Man: What is your car model and year?
Me: '99 Pontiac Sunfire
Man: What color?
Me: White
Man: *lots of background noise* How positive are you that it's the year '99?
Me: Ummm... about 80%...!!! (I thought I knew but then he caused me to doubt my knowledge and so did Mason saying it was a '97)

*So I call my mom who is sleeping and wake her up... She gets all worried and won't give me the straight answer of what year it is until I tell her what is going on*

Me: Yes it's a '99.
Man: Oh well I don't have it.
Me: Great. So what does that mean??
Man: I don't know.
Me: So does that mean it could be stolen?
Man: I don't know. Maybe.
Me: So... should I call the police?
Man: You could.
Me: *Light bulb coming on in my head* Could it possibly be enroute?
Man: It could.
Me: Is there any way you could contact your drivers?
Man: Yes.
Me: Would you do that?
Man: I won't know til they get here if they have it.
Me: You can't call them?
Man: I can.
Me: Soo... could I give you my phone number and you could call me IF it comes in?
Man: *sigh* I guess I could. What's your number?

So I give him my phone number and hang up the phone grumbling. I call my mother to calm her down. About 2 minutes later I get a phone call from the guy and he says that they have my car. I ask him if I can pick it up that night but he says if I pick it up that night it would be $191 but if I wait til tomorrow it would only be $130. So the penny pincher in me wait til today.

I have Mason drop me off at school. Then one of my teacher friends at the school takes me up there. It's an absolute joke and I swear I got robbed. I ended up walking away from that joint short $151. Somehow he found the way to up the price being I hadn't picked my car up for 12 hours since in incident. Angry - yes. Irritated - certainly. It was definatly a colorful afternoon. Words can't explain how those men looked at us as we drove in... GRRRrrrr...


Kara Miller said...

AHHHHHHHH!!! People like this need to be neutered... so they don't populate the earth with more A-holes like themselves!

Stacy said...

hello! i'm glad you commented and its nice to 'meet' you. shawn says hi! :)

Chad Martell & Teresa said...

ooooh what a nightmare!!! it sounded like you remained calm though, if i read everything correct. but man oh man would i have gotten heated. at least i think that now, maybe if i were in the actual situation i'd react different. but what absolute punks, especially the bright fella on the phone. sorry you had to deal with that, at least next time you know to park somewhere else i guess. there's always that old sandy station across the street i think its called allure now, or something with that word in it! hope youre feeling better =)

Kimberly said...

I used to work for the parking office at ASU and Josh worked at the Chili's next to campus. We dealt with our fair share of towing situations, but he had no right to be that rude! If anyone I worked with had been so unhelpful (and it's not like our office was the most well-liked on campus) he would have been out of a job. I'm sorry.

xantogal said...

All I have to say: That sucks really bad and I'm sorry it happened. The phone guy was a dink and should learn 'people skills'.

Dorothy said...

Are you kidding me??? What idiots! ! seriously thought you had bought 151 dollars worth of scones. They honestly probably had nothing better to do!!!

The Yorkies said...

OMGoodness!!! This same thing happened to me about 4 months ago...IN THE SAME PARKING LOT. I actually had just to come from wedding dress shopping with my mom and mother in law. BOTH of our cars were towed and THEY DIDNT EVEN CARE!!! A-holes indeed. sorry friend :(