Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chi-chi-chi-CHIA PET!!!

Since Christmas vacation I have been growing my very own chia-pet... You know the kind where you just add water and watch them grow??  Well now it's time to trim...

Mason loved that someone at church called him 'Burley' this past Sunday.  He says it's awesome to be called burley.  I might have been offended, but he was honored.  Anyway... it's time for it to come off... and of course:

I got my own fashion show:

Phase 1: "The Burly Man"

Phase 2:  "The Gay Goatie"  (as he called it)

Phase 3: "The Biker" (I almost had him convinced to wear it to work like this the next day)

Phase 4: "The Mexi-stache"

I had almost forgotten what he looked like without a face full of hair.

Ahhh... the simple joys of life - for men.


Dorothy said...

Oh My Gosh!!! Tony and I are absolutely hysterical over this post!! We were a little bummed that it didn't end with the Hitler but oh well we got our laugh anyway! Al I have to correct something for you... my name is spelled Dorothy. But I love you anyway!

Emily said...

That is totally funny! You are so fun!

Stephanie Saunders said...

My favorite is the Mexi-stache.

Amy said...

i am rolling!!!

great photos!!!